Benefit from 234 € savings on the Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6H gaming laptop pack

Are you looking for a gaming laptop for less than 1000 €? Buying a gaming computer represents a certain investment, when you look well, it is possible to find one under the bar of 1000 €. Cdiscount offers a nice reduction on the Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6H gaming laptop pack which is available at only … Read more

The ferret of Šeškus raised the fur of Petrauskas ‘pupils, in Klaipėda – Sargiūnas’ benefit is extended

The result of Jonava team led by Virginijus Šeškaus 83:70 (28:23, 26:10, 16:16, 13:21) defeated Kėdainiai basketball players. The final difference in points between the teams does not reflect the actual course of the match. At the same time, the hosts led 70:49 against Gediminas Petrauskas’ pupils and relaxed only at the very end of … Read more

Oil & gas: even if prices are soaring, here is why African countries cannot fully benefit from it

By Moussa Diop on 10/13/2021 at 13:34 The sharp increases in the price of fossil fuels (oil, gas, etc.) are a boon for African rentier countries, including gas producers, whose price has skyrocketed. But many countries, including the main producers of the continent, cannot fully benefit from this improvement …

Aren’t tempted by higher salaries? Employers have come up with special benefit packages – it can work

In the fourth quarter, 80% of the world’s organizations plan to increase the number of employees. Manufacturing (72%), financial insurance, real estate and services (71%), transport, storage, communications and personal services (69%), agriculture, forestry, fishing and construction (68%) and trade are the most affected. (60%) sectors, according to a press release. © Photo by the … Read more

“Silence, we turn” for the benefit of Karito Senegal

The Dame Blanche troupe returns on October 16 at 8:30 p.m. on the Galion stage to play “Silence on tour”. His arrival dates back to January 2020, two months before the pandemic linked to Coronavirus-19. The White Lady theater troupe made the audience twist with laughter for the play “Bienvenue chez les brooks”. A masterfully … Read more

Not only makes you look younger, here are 5 benefits of coffee masks for facial skin

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS- Coffee mask believed to have efficacy for lift dead skin cells and makes skin look younger. Some brands of skin care products even add coffee extract to their products. In addition, coffee masks also have a variety of benefit another for facial skin health. Coffee is not only delicious to consume, but can also … Read more

Diligent consumption of pineapple can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and other chronic diseases

SEMARANGKU – Fruit pineapple have a lot of benefit which is good for body. Fruit pineapple itself is a fruit that contains vitamins A and K, phosphorus, zinc and calcium. Fruit pineapple packed with various vitamins and minerals. They are very rich in vitamin C and manganese. Not only pineapple rich in nutrients, they are … Read more

The benefits that cabbage and cabbage juice have for the body

Pickled cabbage is a dish that is served in the cold season with sarmale, pork steak, potato dish, beans, smoked cabbage. It is rich in nutrients, vitamin C, antioxidant vitamin that helps strengthen the immune system, revitalize and tone. At the same time, it is the only plant food in which there is plenty of … Read more

Companies that offer alternatives to natural gas benefit from high gas prices

Companies that offer alternatives to natural gas benefit from the high gas prices. This is apparent from BNR’s inquiries with the Dutch Association for Renewable Energy and the Association for Energy, Environment and Water. ‘People are looking en masse for a solution to the higher gas prices’, says director Olof van der Gaag of the … Read more