Beautiful tribute to Abdelkrim Bennani

The BNRM has chosen to honor one of the figures of the city of Rabat known for his humanitarian and voluntary action within the city. Abdelkrim Bennani has been at the head of several sustainable development projects which have contributed to the development of the capital, underlined the participants in the ceremony. The event in … Read more

Bennani Mohamed: “Our contact channels have been expanded”

Bennani MohamedManaging Director Renault The evaluation of the customer experience is an integral part of Renault’s permanent processes. The operator, having understood the need for the phygital multichannel approach, has put in place the necessary tools to respond to the customer, whatever the channel and the time chosen. The automotive sector has undergone several changes … Read more

Chakib Alj and Zouhair Bennani bite into El Hariry’s Orientines cookies

Zouhair Bennani, Khalid El Hariry et Chakib Alj. Montage: Mohamed Mhannaoui The El Hariry family, owner of the TelQuel group, is getting rid of Orientines, taken over by the boss of CGEM and number 2 in distribution in Morocco, learns Le Desk. The details Reserved for subscribers You have 92% of the article left to … Read more

Meriem Bennani presents her first public sculpture in New York

On 24th Street in New York, Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani is exhibiting her first sculpture “Windy” until May 2023, co-commissioned by High Line Art and Audemars Piguet Contemporary. “Windy” is a spinning tornado-shaped sculpture made of black foam and inspired by the artist’s experience and his life in New York. 2.70 m high, it is … Read more

New York’s High Line Art exhibits a sculpture by Moroccan Meriem Bennani

Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani’s first public sculpture, Windy, was unveiled a few days ago in New York. Windy, Bennani’s kinetic sculpture unveiled June 23 on the High Line in New York City, as part of High Line Art’s 2022-2023 commissions, will remain on display through May 2023, writes Gulf Today. The launch marked the summer … Read more

The story of late air traffic controller Farid Ahmed Bennani documented in photographs

In an exhibition at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport is getting down to the art. Until August 31, it will house, on the initiative of the National Airports Office, an exhibition of photographs called “Tit Mellil, more than an aerodrome”. This event, initiated in partnership with “L’Atelier de l’Observatoire”, puts, as … Read more

After 15 years, the Thami Bennani mystery has still not been solved

Internet users shared the hashtag #justicepourthamibennani on social networks to help her mother unravel the mystery of the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance. Advertising As a reminder, the mother saw her son for the last time in 2007. Still 17 years old, he had gone out with his friends in the car towards Paloma beach, … Read more