the social network copies BeReal

The success of BeReal attracts covetousness! TikTok shamelessly copies the principle of the French social network with its TikTok Now function. He even goes so far as to create his own application in France! BeReal, a French social network, is growing in popularity, especially in the United States. Going against the usual codes, based on … Read more

BeReal explores offering paid features to avoid advertising

MADRID, 19 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) – The French social network BeReal, which has become popular for its alert system to upload a daily photo, now plans to incorporate additional functions under a paid model, which will allow it to support the large influx of daily users it experiences. BeReal It appeared in December 2019, but it … Read more

TikTok Now’s New Feature Is Called Cheating BeReal

Jakarta – TikTok just released a new feature called TikTok Now. This new feature works much like an app BeReal whose popularity is on the rise. In its blog post, TikTok announced the presence of the TikTok Now feature which will send daily notifications to users to take photos or videos using the front and … Read more

More downloads than BeReal! Top Widgets topped the charts with iOS 16, and emoji can be added to the wallpaper to attract new generation users

With Apple’s iOS 16 version update, all users can customize their lock screen, making the app “Top Widgets” rapidly popular, surpassing the recent French social software “BeReal”, which had over one million downloads in a single week. Top free app downloads on the App Store in the U.S. “Top Widgets” was originally published by Chinese … Read more

What is BeReal, the Social Media Featured by Instagram? page all – Instagram is currently testing a new feature called “Candid Challenges”. This feature allows users to share photos on social media at a predetermined time every day. This information was discovered by one of the application developers, Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter with handle @alex193aTuesday (23/8/2022). In his post, Paluzzi said that the new Instagram … Read more