News today: Colombian soccer will return in September throughout the country 2020 | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

This Friday there was another assembly in Dimayor, but it seems that problems continue for the return of football by this entity. The Government, for its part, gave free rein with dates and venues. The headquarters and cities were the main problem of the return. Dimayor wanted, from the beginning, to have football in every … Read more

Dayro Moreno is looking for a team: he could sign with Once Caldas | Betplay League | Colombia News Today | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

After being in Argentina, with Talleres de Córdoba, Dayro Moreno has been in Colombia for a while, training and looking for equipment. And his wish, in principle, is to play in the League again, since the economy in the south of the continent is not going through its best moment; Thus, the attacker could play … Read more

Santa Fe: Fabián Sambueza resumes negotiations and would stay | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

Independiente Santa Fe has had difficulties to retain the best players in its squad, since since Eduardo Méndez took office as president, the club has declared insolvency and has even accepted the law to have payment facilities with its creditors. And with the crisis that the coronavirus unleashed, things got more complicated. Thus, one of … Read more

Liga Betplay: Doubts of scientists due to the return of football in a pandemic | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

They talk about August 30. It is what the managers at Dimayor estimate to reactivate the competition, which stopped in March and that in almost five months of inactivity generated an unprecedented economic crisis in Colombian soccer. But the calculation may be, rather than optimistic, inaccurate. Doctors and infectologists who follow the evolution of the … Read more

Cúcuta: the troubles of José Augusto Cadena, suspension recognition | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

José Augusto Cadena is synonymous with controversy, scandal, but also football and the ability to move here and there and manage to stay current. This Thursday he received a hard blow, the suspension of the sports recognition of Cúcuta, his current club, for delays in his payments between 2018 and 2019. The reality is that … Read more

Colombia today: Salary of the new president of Dimayor would be less than that of Jorge Enrique Vélez | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

La Dimayor is looking for these days to fix her house; focus on the return of professional football in both the A, B, and Women’s League; and choose a new president, who is in charge of ordering, managing and empowering the FPC. It will not be an easy task, because among Jorge Enrique Vélez’s unfulfilled … Read more

Dimayor today: they will give international quota to eliminated teams, as happened in 1996 | Colombia News | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

The Major Division of Colombian Soccer decided on the game system that the 2020 League will have. It will be played as the schedule came, there will be eight classifieds and the finalists who will dispute the only title of the year will come from two homers. However, there was a decision that caused controversy: … Read more

Dimayor today: What does Jorge Enrique Vélez ask to resign | Money and politics | Colombia News | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

It is not known how close Dimayor is to finishing his division, since Jorge Enrique Vélez has not yet given his arm to twist and does not want to resign from the presidency of the soccer entity in Colombia. Although he would have said that he was going to step aside the presidents of various … Read more

Dimayor today: there was no agreement with Jorge Enrique Vélez for his departure | Colombia news today | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

This Saturday, four club presidents met through a virtual platform to define the compensation to be paid to Jorge Enrique Vélez in the process of his departure from the Dimayor presidency. The leaders in charge of this difficult task are: Walter Ante (Orsomarso), Hernando Ángel (Quindío), Carlos Orlando Ferreira (Alianza Petrolera) and Eduardo Méndez (Santa … Read more