Facebook is betting its future on the metaverse. The what?

The magazine The Verge revealed last week that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, sees the future of social networking in building a metaverse. The company wants to build a virtual and interconnected world on the scale of its nearly 3 billion users. Appeared in Snow Crash, a science fiction novel published in 1992, the term … Read more

Block wants to end advertising for “scratchcards” and limit betting | game industry

Taking into account the tendency of increasing addiction to gambling and in particular to “scratchcards”, with such easy access to all ages, the Left Block wants to prohibit the advertising of these instant lotteries and limit the broadcasting of advertising to games and bets on television and radio only at night time from 22:30 to … Read more

Bitcoin: how much Elon Musk’s company lost from betting on cryptocurrency

A loss for Musk Tesla reported that it posted a loss of $ 23 million in the second quarter of this year from the huge decline in the price of Bitcoin. The shares of the electric car company, which Argentines can acquire through “Cedears”, only referred to Bitcoin once in its announcement to investors regarding … Read more

Elon Musk explains his crypto strategy and which stocks he is betting on

Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images Elon Musk is a Bitcoin supporter and counts on the success of the cryptocurrency. The Tesla CEO said at the event “The B Word”. “If the bitcoin price falls, I’ll lose money,” said Musk. And further: “I might pump, but I don’t dump”, alluding to the market manipulation strategy known … Read more

Wimbledon | Unusual betting in two battles, suspected counterfeiters leading and losing under investigation (23:09)-20210714-Sports-News

“Le Monde” quoted sources as revealing that the authorities’ investigation covers both men’s doubles and men’s singles events. When the men’s doubles players are in the lead, they get a lot of money to bet on their defeat, and eventually lose two consecutive sets and are eliminated. As for the men’s singles event, it was … Read more

Kristian Siem and the Blystad family are betting together on offshore wind

The article continues below the ad The two offshore service companies Subsea 7 and OHT announced on Thursday that they will create a new renewable company aimed at offshore wind. This is done by Subsea 7, where industry owner Kristian Siem is the largest shareholder, merging its renewable business with the entire OHT, which is … Read more

Betting on exercise in the midst of a pandemic: they invested in March and thus prepare for the return to training

Rodolfo Hyland and Mauricio Lobato created a new space for exercise and body well-beingIn March, the arrival of the coronavirus in Argentina and the world unfolded a new panorama. In the first place, citizens stopped different activities to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus. Also, some sectors were forced to close their doors … Read more

Betting on the dollar against the euro could be a winning strategy in the short term

Betting on the dollar against the euro could be a winning strategy in the short term. On the other hand already last week we announced the weakness of the euro which then manifested itself throughout the week just ended. In particular, the session on Friday 21 August was very negative and could have negative consequences … Read more

Human Rights.- Betting on healthy and sustainable diets would drastically reduce the “hidden costs” of food

Current dietary habits could cost around 3 billion by 2030 in terms of health and emissions MADRID, 13 (EUROPA PRESS) Hunger is closely related to the inability of millions of people around the world to be able to afford a healthy diet, a fact that in turn carries a series of “hidden costs”, both for … Read more