Sbf 120: Which French listed companies are traders betting the most on the downside?

(BFM Bourse) – S&P Global Market Intelligence has compiled the most “shorted” stocks on the second most important Paris market index, the SBF 120. A ranking that has some surprises in store. Short selling remains an extremely risky and unsavory strategy for retail investors. We explained it very well in a previous article. As a … Read more

Brazil is betting on the support of the new generation of Neymar to win the World Cup

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" He stands out among the young players Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and Eder Militao who starred with Real Madrid and Rafinha is a player Barcelona And the offensive duo for Arsenal Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, multi-talented Newcastle midfielder Bruno Guimaraes, Manchester United winger Anthony and striker Richarlison, who joined this season … Read more

“The fifth quarter”: who was behind “Žalgiris” in Belgrade, the lost million and betting on the Filipino

In the “Fifth Quarter” show this week, manager. editor Edgaras Pulkovskis, portal journalist Tautvydas Kubilius and TV3 sports news face Vilius Stalgaitis discussed the current events of the week. The first part of the show talked about the defeat of “Žalgiris” Kaunas in Belgrade against “Partizan” – the good things were singled out and … Read more

The Metaverse Department suffered a heavy loss, and the outside world continued to question the momentum. Zuckerberg still insisted on betting heavily | Anue Juheng-US Stock Radar

Facebook parent Meta Platforms reported slumping revenue, profit and advertising in the third quarter, but the company’s highly anticipated Metaverse division, Reality Labs, reported stagnant and loss-making revenue. Increasing day by day, the outside world has raised doubts about Meta’s strong investment in the sector, and the company’s market value has also fallen out of … Read more

Asset allocation: here’s why to go back to betting on bonds

Inflation has managed to overshadow all the other crises, which are not lacking at the moment. In the Eurozone it reached an all-time high of over 10% in September. Most central banks have pledged to drastically raise interest rates to fight inflation, which until recently they considered only a transitory phenomenon, but the sharp rise … Read more

Lu Yuren – Split-price betting method|Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

The Hong Kong and U.S. stock markets are heaven and earth. The Dow index surged by more than 700 points last Friday. Market participants did not dare to place too high expectations on Hong Kong stocks, but they never thought that the Hang Seng Index broke through the 15,000-point mark as soon as it opened. … Read more

More expensive mortgages, now the fixed rate is better even above 4% (betting on subrogation)

Fixed mortgages have broken through the 4% barrier I fixed mortgages have broken through the 4% barrieri variables they are approaching 3%. The rate curve has accelerated since the end of September and for those who are now looking for a loan the prospects appear anything but rosyespecially if you want to direct us towards … Read more

Hyundai continues betting on the ‘city car’ and will renew the i10 in 2023

The Hyundai i10 facelift 2023 appeared for the first time. This model will receive new features on its exterior, interior and under its hood. Three years after the launch of its third generation, the Hyundai i10 You will receive a new image, news inside and under your hood. East future model was ‘caught’ conducting tests … Read more