Beware of the fever after a mosquito bite!

Drawing attention to the diseases that can be caused by mosquitoes, especially in Istanbul, Dr. Dr. Süleyman İzzet Karahan said what should be done after mosquito bites and what should be considered in order to be protected from bites. Expressing that the mosquito nightmare started again with the increasing temperatures, Uzm. Dr. Süleyman İzzet Karahan … Read more

Beware of the fever after a mosquito bite! Causes 5 different infectious diseases

THEY CAUSE 5 DIFFERENT COMMUNICABLE DISEASES Underlining that mosquitoes cause the death of more people than all the wars in history, due to the diseases they spread, Uzm. Dr. Karahan said, “Mosquitoes cause 5 main diseases in the world as infective (vector). These diseases; West Nile Fever, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Zikavirus and malaria. The contaminant … Read more

Beware of Colon Cancer Triggers, Red Meat to Obesity – Colorectal cancer or often called colon cancerincluding one type of cancer that is a concern at the 2022 Cancer Community Festival. Based on WHO data in 2018, colon cancer ranks third in the world for the type of cancer that is commonly experienced by the global community. While in Indonesia itself, data from … Read more

Sri Mulyani Warning Indonesian Society: Beware of These Things

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has lasted for more than two years, has been relatively well passed by Indonesia. The wheels of the economy began to move again towards recovery in line with the handling of the pandemic conditions that were getting better. However, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani … Read more

[Health Value Added]Diabetic patients beware of diabetes and regular blood tests to reduce fatal risk-Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Smart Consumer

There is one diabetic patient for every 10 Hong Kong people, that is, there are currently about 700,000 patients in Hong Kong. Zhou Zhenzhong, a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes, pointed out that the most terrifying thing about this disease is that the ultimate cause of death for most type 2 diabetics is the serious … Read more

National Police Chief Asks All Parties to Beware of Identity Politics Ahead of the 2024 Election

TEMPO.CO, Kediri – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo reminded all parties to be aware of identity politics ahead of Election 2024. He feared that this could lead to divisions. This was conveyed during a meeting with kiai at the Al Falah Islamic Boarding School, Ploso Village, Mojo District, Kediri Regency. “Indonesia has entered … Read more

DHF in Bekasi Regency Reaches 667 Cases, People Are Called to Beware of the Dry Season

loading… Dengue fever in Bekasi Regency is worrying. Within six months of 2022, there were 667 cases. Photo: Illustration/SINDOnews/Dok BEKASI – Illness dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Bekasi Regency is worrying. Within six months of 2022, there were 667 cases. Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division, Bekasi District Health Office, Masrikoh, said that in … Read more

Beware of bat invasion, experts warn. Hundreds of them fly into apartments through the window

Other cities where “squatter” bats are traditionally found in large numbers are Brno, Liberec, Jablonec, Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice. But more are coming. “Over the past five years, the rescue stations dealt with a total of 161 bat invasions, during which they rescued 4,602 bats from apartments,” Stýblo calculated. Invasive species in the EU: … Read more