Biathletes are waiting for the last fight for places in the Olympic nomination

Davidová, Jislová, Lucie Charvátová, Eva Puskarčíková, Krčmář, Jakub Štvrtecký, Adam Václavík will compete in the World Cup, and after a break caused by positive coronavirus tests Tereza Voborníková and Mikuláš Karlík. They are all the main adepts to start under five circles. Tereza Vinklárková, Vítězslav Hornig, Tomáš Krupčík, Jonáš Mareček, Tomáš Mikyska and Milan Žemlička … Read more

Fillon Maillet won the yellow number after a winning hat-trick from the fighter, Štvrtecký scored only two points

Loginov, thanks to lightning-fast items lying down, increased his lead in the lead to fifty seconds over Samuelsson, who started from fourteenth place, but also did not make a mistake at the shooting range. Another Nor T. Boe jumped to third place from seventh place at the start, with whom another Russian Babikov and a … Read more

The fifth biathlete of the Latypov World Cup will lose the race in Oberhof

The 27-year-old Latypov finished second before the Christmas holidays in the sprint and fighter race in Le Grand-Bornand. After arriving in Oberhof, however, he did not pass the covid test. “He is well and the disease is asymptomatic. We wish him a speedy recovery,” the Russian union said in a statement. The Oberhof World Cup … Read more

The Czech biathlete confirms a new relationship. After New Year’s Eve, she felt like a mole, and there was talk of a bra

Before the holidays on the website, Puskarčíková only strictly hinted at the nearest program: “I’m looking forward to Christmas because I’m going to get some rest, I’ll take the biathlon out of my head and think about something else.” After the last pre-Christmas World Cup in France, she just bounced back to her parents. … Read more

Czech biathlon in tears! The favorite coach died in a car accident

“There are news you don’t want to hear. There are news you never want to hear. On Christmas Day 2021, Marie” Majka “Málková left her closest and entire biathlon family. She died in a tragic car accident at the age of 66, ” it is written on the federal website. According to CNN Prima News, … Read more

The Biathlon World Cup in Anterselva will be without spectators for the second time due to the covidid

“Given the current developments around the covid-19 and the forecasts for the coming weeks, we have decided, in consultation with the relevant authorities, to hold Anterselva 2022 without fans at the stadium,” the organizers said in an official statement. After Hochfilzen and Oberhof, Anterselva will be the third venue in the current World Cup season, … Read more

Change after seven years! Biathlon World Championship has two winners

The IBU Executive Board decided to award the second crystal globe after the CAS verdict finally entered into force for Zajcevová, including disqualification from nine races in the 2013/14 season. After recalculating the results without the Russian biathlete, SP Berger won by four points over Mäkäräinen, who originally had a five-point lead overall. The fourth … Read more

The Nordic biathlon star may lose a large crystal globe. Because of doping

The case of the Russian doping sinner Olga Zajcevová, who was punished by a life ban and was exhausted from all possibilities of appeal, was definitively closed. The International Biathlon Union (IBU) also deleted its 2013/14 Olympic season from races in which it tested positive. However, this led to a curious situation, because after the … Read more

David’s total explosion. In the sprint in Annecy, she finished in the top ten

Of the Czech biathlon representatives, only Jessica Jislová won the opening race of the World Championships in Annecy. In the 7.5-kilometer sprint, she finished in 15th place. Lucie Charvátová ruined her good result by shooting and finished 39th. Other Czechs finished in the sixth and seventh ten. Markéta Davidová recorded the worst result. She reached … Read more

A disaster for Norway and all biathlon? TV pressure has won, the stars are upset

What do biathletes not like? This is a classification of relay races. For the last time in Hochfilzen, the women’s relay was on the program on Saturday, while on Friday the women sprinted. And the fighter race, which is started on the basis of the sprint results, did not start until Sunday. The two related … Read more