Biden. They are the new presidential family of the United States

Joe Biden, el new president-elect of the United States, is a few days away from reaching the White House and leading one of the most influential countries in the world, but his role as president will not exonerate him from his role as husband, father or grandfather, which means that to power not only he … Read more

Will Trump use the Cienfuegos case to attack Biden and exacerbate anti-Mexican sentiments?

The case of General Salvador Cienfuegos has once again upset and divided public opinion in the country. Since his arrest at the Los Angeles International Airport, California, on October 15, 2020, when he was returning to Mexico after spending a vacation in that city, until his exoneration by the Attorney General’s Office, last Thursday, the … Read more

Storm looms between AMLO and Biden

José Díaz Briseño, Alejandro Albarrán y Gael Montiel Agencia Reforma WASHINGTON, USA.- Stormy skies are coming to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the future US Administration of Joe Biden, which begins next Wednesday.“AMLO is putting himself in a place where he will face problems with Biden in practically every important area. Sometimes for reasons … Read more

Celtic: the Secret Service codename for Joe Biden

Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the United States and with his arrival at the White House, the Secret Service will refer to him as “Celtic.” Why will the Secret Service call Joe Biden “Celtic”? The Code names are given to presidents and high-ranking members of the United States Government. For example, the … Read more

In silence and with other rhetoric, Biden will follow a substantial part of Trump’s international agenda

Joe BidenSince the harsh and judicialized debates that originated the electoral result in the United States last month and even more after the violent incidents of January 6 in Washington DC, the attention of the press and analysts has focused on whether Trump is the generator of this violent climate and see what to do … Read more

The blow to Xiaomi and the stimuli from Biden weigh down Asian stock markets

The Shares of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi have plummeted this Friday, after the administration of US President Donald Trump placed the company on a blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies. Along with the announcement of Stimulus from President-Elect Joe Biden of $ 1.9 Trillion, Asian stocks have closed lower. In Hong Kong, Xiaomi shares listed … Read more

Biden asks for 1.9 trillion dollars to rescue the US after the Trump era

Joe Biden asks the US Congress to spend 1.9 billion dollars on an economic rescue plan, including new direct payments per citizen, aid to state and local governments and more funds for the response to the covid. The plan, outlined by top officials in the incoming Biden administration, was announced last night by the US … Read more

Biden Announces ‘American Rescue Plan’ Against COVID and Financial Aid – In Spanish

In a joint statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer praised Biden for including liberal priorities, noting that they would move quickly to pass the bill. But Democrats have narrow margins in both houses of Congress, and Republicans will oppose issues ranging from raising the minimum wage to providing more money … Read more

Futures in the red, pending from Covid, Biden and banks By

© Reuters. By Sara Busquets – We wake up for one more day – the last of this week – and we do it mostly bearish, concerned again about the evolution of Covid-19 around the world and while we digest the new measures announced by Joe Biden, who will take office from the White … Read more