Biden Wants Regime Change in Russia

loading… Former US Congressman says US President Joe Biden wants regime change in Russia. Photo/Illustration WASHINGTON – President United States of America (AS) Joe Biden use conflict in Ukraine to engineer “regime change in Russia ” and feed the military-industrial complex. Former Congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard told Fox News on Friday. Meanwhile, … Read more

The maneuvers in Venezuela, another slap in the face of Biden’s policy on South America

Joe Biden walks past solar panels at a renewable energy initiative New Hampshire, USA reuters The joint military maneuvers of Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela occur after months of hesitant steps by the Joe Biden government against the Nicolás Maduro regime

Biden (79) suffers from annoying cough after corona infection

President Joe Biden was found to be infected with the corona virus last month. Shortly after his recovery, he had to go into strict isolation again because he… tested positive again on the virus. A few days ago he was allowed out of this quarantine. During yesterday’s speech before the White House in Washington, Biden … Read more

Ukraine, Biden signs the treaty approving the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Joe Biden signed the treaty approving entry to the saddle Sweden and of Finland in the Atlantic Alliance: “NATO has proved to be an indispensable alliance for the world of today and tomorrow. Our alliance is stronger than ever, more united than ever ”. The president of the United States had a conversation with the … Read more

Rarely has an American president been as unpopular as Joe Biden | Abroad

Joe Biden started the month well: with a climate plan which his supporters had been waiting for a year and a half. The breakthrough comes just after a bill was passed that would allow many more computer chips to be made in America. A US drone recently killed on Biden’s orders Ayman Al-Zawahiri, leader of … Read more

Biden fuels the ‘fire’ of war in Ukraine. that’s a big crime

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters warns fans on his solo tour that if you can’t stand his politics, “go to the bar.” His agenda includes calling President Biden a war criminal and firing a fake semi-automatic weapon into the crowd. Waters responds to CNN’s Michael Smerconish with the same passion as he plays his music … Read more

Voices 51:50. Biden has achieved his goal, it is the decision of the US Senate

President Biden called on the House of Representatives to approve the project as soon as possible. In a statement published in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he is spending the weekend, Biden stressed that “today, the Democrats in the Senate have sided with American families, not special interests.”

Joe Biden is “a war criminal”, according to Roger Waters

Roger Waters, founder of Pink Floyd, has never tied his tongue. He hasn’t done it with the songs or with the interviews he has given throughout his career. Once again, the musician has confirmed his interest in keeping international situations that make him uncomfortable on the loudspeaker. Waters is currently in the United States, as … Read more

Pink Floyd frontman gives reasons why he calls Joe Biden a war criminal

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ATLANTA – Rock legend and band leader Pink Floyd, Roger Watersexplaining why he labeled US President Joe Biden a war criminal. The label is pinned Roger Waters in giant layers during his single “This Is Not A Drill” concert in America this week. Apart from Biden, Waters also criticized President Trump. Waters appeared in … Read more

Roger Waters considered Joe Biden a “war criminal” and starred in a heated argument with a CNN presenter

The famous founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is currently in the United States, as part of his tour This Is Not A Drill. There, he gave an interview to CNN this Saturday morning, to talk about his music and his vision of world reality, and He ended up getting into a heated argument with … Read more