Covid, WHO after Biden’s announcement: “The vaccine alone is not enough to remove the mask”

The Covid-19 pandemic “has already done so 3.3 million deaths and this second year of emergency is starting to have more deaths than the first. We have to save people’s lives and livelihoods with a combination of public health measures and vaccination campaign. There is no other way out ”. This was stated by the … Read more

A day after Biden’s threats, the Darkside gang is dismantled

Darkside, the gang behind the attack on Colonial Pipeline, has run out of sites and money. It remains to be seen whether its operators are bluffing, or whether the authorities have managed to dismantle its activity. « We will pursue measures to prevent them from operating “, had declared President Joe Biden about the Darkside … Read more

Joe Biden’s tax on multinationals could bring Belgium 7 billion euros

Joe Biden proposes to introduce a minimum tax rate of 21% payable by multinationals. The NGO Tax Justice Network (TJN) has calculated that Belgium could collect around 7 billion euros in additional tax revenue by applying this minimum rate. LUS President Joe Biden proposes to introduce a minimum tax rate of 21% payable by multinationals, … Read more

After fierce criticism, Biden’s bold move

Such an amendment was adopted following criticism from Mr Biden’s allies regarding the deliberations on leaving the number of refugees admitted to Mr Trump’s term. “This removes the historically low number of 15,000 set by the previous administration, which did not reflect the values ​​of America as a nation that receives and sustains refugees,” the … Read more

After the dogs Major and Champ, Joe Biden’s White House opens its doors to a cat: “He’s waiting in the wings”

Not just dogs at the White House: with the Bidens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a cat is now landing, a foundling. The First Lady herself announced it: the cat will join the old family dog, Champ, and Major, the lively German shepherd who has given some problems in his adaptation to the White House, biting … Read more

North Korea angry about Biden’s ‘war rhetoric’: ‘inadmissible and a big blunder’

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-unImage AP Last Wednesday, in his first speech to Congress, Biden called North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs “ a serious threat to US security and world security, ” and said he will work with allies to address those issues through of diplomacy and severe deterrence. The Americans’ goal … Read more

Biden’s speech was intolerable and a big mistake, it sounds from the DPRK. It thus responds to the ‘hostile rhetoric’ of the USA | World

Pyongyang Recent comments from US President Joe Biden and members of his government indicate that the US intends to maintain a hostile policy towards North Korea that will require an appropriate response by Pyongyang. This is stated in statements made by representatives of the North Korean government, which were issued on Sunday by the state … Read more

Joe Biden’s gesture to his wife spreads quickly on social networks

However, the cameras captured Baiden’s non-business side, Reuters reports. On the verdant meadow with his wife heading for the helicopter, the president landed, completely unexpectedly, to pick up the dandelion he handed over here to his wife. First posted on Twitter by CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang, the 28-second image soon became a real … Read more

Commenting on Joe Biden’s speech, China warns the United States not to enforce democracy

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. China warned the United States on Thursday (29/04/2021) not to impose its democratic ideals. (Source: AP Photo) BEIJING, KOMPAS.TV – China warned the United States not to impose its version of its democratic ideals. China has also criticized trade sanctions and military moves in Beijing’s backyard The statement was … Read more

THE VERSION OF GRECO. 100 Days: Biden’s New America Roots (PODCAST)

On May 25, 2020, at 8:20 pm, the sad episode took place that once again shook and changed the profound soul of the United States. Almost a year has passed since the night George Floyd lost his life during a police intervention between 38th and Chicago Avenues in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And from that day America … Read more