World’s Largest Bacteria Found, 5,000 Times Bigger Than Usual Size

POINTE-A-PITRE, – The biggest bacteria in the world found in the mangroves of Guadeloupe, France. This variety can be seen with the naked eye and taken using tweezers. The size of the largest bacteria reaches 2 cm, about 5,000 times larger than most bacteria. Named Thiomargarita magnifica, the biggest bacteria in the world it … Read more

Why ‘Lightyear’ Box Office Disappointment Is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem

This past weekend premiered ‘Lightyear’a spin-off of the franchise ‘Toy Story’ which was also the first Pixar film that was released in theaters since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, its box office result has been very inferior than expected, which has created a multitude of doubts about the future of his works on the … Read more

10 times bigger than the Camp Nou: an American artist invents a stadium with a million seats (photo)

Imagine a gigantic stadium, in which we could put almost a tenth of the population of our country. The American artist Paul Pfeiffer imagined this stadium and made a model of it. It would be by far the largest stadium in the world. The current stadium with the most capacity is in North Korea. The … Read more

The cost of the JKT-BDG high-speed rail project is getting bigger, who is responsible for it?

Jakarta – The cost of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project will increase. However, the cost overrun is not final and will be decided by the High Speed ​​Rail Committee led by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. “The cost overrun will be decided by the Fast Train Committee,” said President … Read more

The human brain was bigger 3,000 years ago than it is today

INDONESIAN EYE, LONDON – The human brain weighs about 1.4 kilograms. The most complex organ in the human body consists of billions of cells called neurons. In connection with evolution, it turns out that the size of the brain decreased about 3,000 years ago. According to SciTechDailyexperts study ants as a model to illustrate why … Read more

Why will pancreatic cancer become a bigger problem in the future?

This high percentage is explained by the impossibility of adequate treatment of this cancer when it is diagnosed at an advanced stage, which is often the case. This cancer is already characterized by a silent development, without visible symptoms, and soon metastases are formed. When the first warning signs appear (jaundice, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal … Read more

Tips to make the house look bigger and turn it into a small palace without breaking down the walls

It would be nice to be able to live in a giant villa or house fully furnished. Infinite spaces, dozens of rooms and so many bathrooms that we wouldn’t know what to do with them. It will have happened to everyone to fantasize about the mega villas where millionaires or movie stars live. In reality, … Read more

The Galaxy When a New Universe Formed Was Bigger Than Expected – – The galaxies that were immature at the beginning of the universe’s formation were larger than previously thought. This was one of the findings presented at the 240th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Pasadena, California. Using radio astronomy, the researchers observed large hot gas flows from the galactic center, … Read more

Apple may want to release a MacBook Air laptop with a bigger screen by 2023 | NOW

Apple wants to release a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen next year, news agency reports Bloomberg based on insiders. The company is also said to be working on a 12-inch laptop, the specifications of which have not yet been announced. The unannounced MacBook is a larger variant of the pass announced MacBook Air van … Read more