Biography Biography Bikin Puttipong, a very good-humored, talented young man.

Get to know Bukin Puttipong, a handsome young man, abundant talent, good acting, good singing, until the fans pour their hearts out. Photo from Nadao Bangkok Facebook page. Bukin Puttipong Assaratanakul is an actor, singer, host and model, born October 8, 1999, graduated from high school from St. Gabriel’s School. Currently studying at the Faculty … Read more

There’s a problem with PO Haryanto, these are the words of security that are frightening to make people shrink

Haryanto PO Security Team. Youtube/Dente ChannelL ©2022 – Driver buses often get threats from thugs, a security team from the bus company PO Haryanto also gives an ultimatum. He gave a warning to the people, especially the thugs who intended to annoy the driver bus PO Haryanto. He conveyed the statement through a … Read more

Ceramah Oki Setiana Dewi Bikin Heboh, Gus Miftah Buka Suara – Talks Oki Setiana Dewi the question of domestic violence that is making a fuss in the middle of the virtual world is a discussion. This has also received the attention of many parties, including the preacher Gus Miftah. He also gave an opinion about the causes that became the root of the problem … Read more

Bikin Dag Dig Dug Duer! China to US Threatens Indonesian Economy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – 2022 has just begun. However, a series of bad news coming from the global threaten the country’s economy. Starting from China, Europe to the United States (US). “2022 we still have risks, US tapering, high world inflation, economic slowdown, shifting policy in China and so on, these will remain risks that … Read more

Kemesraan Sarah Saleh and the Heir of the Sultan of Brunei Bikin Baper, Married at a Young Age

JOURNAL SOREANG – Intimacy between couples Sarah Saleh and Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Bolkiah always attracts attention. As known, Sarah Saleh is the wife of Al-Muhtadee Billah, who is the heir to the throne of the King Brunei Darussalam, that is Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Sarah Saleh will automatically become the queen of Brunei if the throne … Read more