Scientists Successfully Use Soil from the Moon to Grow Plants – After more than 50 years, astronauts brought samples of the last lunar rock to Earth, scientists finally succeeded in growing plants using soil from the moon for the first time. In the early days of the Apollo astronauts’ voyage, they took samples of the lunar surface material known as “regolith“. Fifty years later, … Read more

The James Webb has already fully deployed its mirror as it approaches the L2 point

The James Space Telescope Webb has completed the complex deployment of its mirrors this week, and that’s it close to completion your journey to the point Lagrange L2, where it will begin to orbit the Sun at about 1,500,000 km from Earth. The James Webb is approaching ya al second Lagrange point, a position in … Read more

NASA denies Russian astronaut theory blew hole in ISS

The International Space Station.Image: THIS. The results of an investigation by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, into a hole in the International Space Station (ISS) have been handed over to “police authorities,” says the Russian state news agency. RIA Novosti. The incident occurred three years ago, when a leaky hole was detected in the Russian … Read more