Meteorite with billions of years old material discovered in Antarctica | Abroad

Weighing about 7 kilograms and “the size of a pumpkin,” the meteorite was discovered on January 5 by an international team at the end of their 11-day expedition. “We were ecstatic when we found him.” Ⓒ Maria Valdes/ SWNS The meteorite, containing material billions of years old, is one of the largest meteorites ever found … Read more

Coronavirus: The rush to the billions of partial unemployment has not taken place

PublishedJanuary 27, 2023, 8:24 PM Coronavirus: The rush to the billions of partial unemployment has not taken place Companies had until the end of December 2022 to retroactively request the payment of partial unemployment benefits. Only a quarter of them took the step. It is the recourse of a restaurateur which allowed the retroactive payment … Read more

The whole planet is hot, Microsoft has added billions of dollars to OpenAI_investment_ChatGPT_Azure

Original title: Hot the whole planet, Microsoft billions of dollars to increase OpenAI 2023-01-28 05:07:50 Author: Lao Wang Microsoft is pouring money into OpenAI again as part of an expanded partnership. The tech giant is making a “billion-dollar” investment that will lead to wider use of OpenAI’s technology, as well as stronger behind-the-scenes support. While … Read more

ChatGPT: Microsoft is pouring billions of dollars into the company that develops artificial intelligence technology

Chris Vallance Technology Editor January 24, 2023 image copyright Getty Images Microsoft announced that it will pump billions of dollars in investments over the years in the field of artificial intelligence, by expanding its partnership with the company, “Open AL”, the developer of the “Chat GPT” chat program. And in 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion … Read more

Amazon is investing tens of billions of dollars in data centers in the US

In 2021, AWS said it had invested $35 billion in data centers in northern Virginia between 2011 and 2020, creating 3,500 full-time jobs there. The investment still needs to be approved by the local government, but lawmakers from both political parties have already expressed their support for the investment. Virginia is now preparing a new … Read more

“Ghostlights” released by stars wandering in galaxy clusters for billions of years | sorae Portal site to space

A huge galaxy clustercluster of galaxiesThen countless stars wandering among the galaxiesghostly light (ghost light)is leaving These stars do not appear to be gravitationally attached to any of the galaxies in the cluster. 【▲Two giant galaxy clusters “MOO J1014+0038” (left) and “SPT-CL J2106-5844” (right) captured by the wide-field camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope. … Read more

Billions of celestial objects in our Milky Way galaxy cataloged –

It took 21,400 galactic photos to capture some 3.32 billion stars and galaxies in one of the largest surveys of the sky ever. The result is a gargantuan catalog of our galaxy produced by an American team. “This is a real technical feat. Imagine a group photo of more than three billion people and each … Read more

Bankruptcy was inevitable. Cryptocurrency firm Genesis owes billions

The company and its subsidiaries Genesis Global Capital and Genesis Asia Pacific have filed for creditor protection in a US court. Genesis Global Capital stated that it has assets and liabilities in the range of one to ten billion dollars (up to approximately 221 billion CZK). He estimates the number of his creditors at 100,000. … Read more

Only to refute the crime! “Macau tycoon” Xi Mihua 289 crimes were severely sentenced to 18 years and his net worth of tens of billions was gone | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Comprehensive Report ▲ Ten billion tycoon Zhou Zhuohua “Ximihua” was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the Macau court. (Picture / Taken from the official website of Suncity Group) Macau casino tycoon Zhou Zhuohua (Xi Mihua) is also the operator of “Suncity Group”. However, in November last year, he was arrested … Read more

Fight for billions in business: scandal youtuber takes on UFC

MMA is enjoying growing popularity in Austria. Compared to other sports, full contact martial arts, in which techniques from standing combat such as boxing and kickboxing are mixed with ground fighting (such as wrestling and jiu-jitsu), still lead a niche existence. Aleksandar Rakic ​​has been under contract with the UFC since 2017, where he is … Read more