British rich get billions, ‘no economist thinks this is a good idea’

AFP On Friday, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng presented far-reaching measures to alleviate the ailing economy boost to give. But instead of praise for the historic tax cuts, the minister has been met with a storm of criticism. And not just from the opposition. Especially from the population itself and from the … Read more

Already responsible for billions of losses, Persebaya Surabaya sends letters to PSSI asking for relief

Tribune Jatim Network/Sugiharto Persebaya Surabaya supporters riot, Bonek after fighting RANS Nusantara FC at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium, Thursday (15/9/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – Management Persebaya Surabaya finally gave a response related to the PSSI Komdis punishment. As is known, the Bajul Ijo team received a fairly severe punishment after the match against Rans Nusantara FC … Read more

Russia Baltic Pork Invest operates on a scale of billions – the founder is Knut Langeteig and the address is Norwegian

“In February 2022, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine”. This is how propaganda from the Kremlin has described Putin’s illegal invasion of the neighboring country for seven months. It is also the situation description that is used in the annual accounts from Russia Baltic Pork Invest. Despite the name: Russia Baltic Pork Invest … Read more

The governments of the EU countries allocate billions to solve the energy crisis

Since Russia invaded its western neighbor in late February, hundreds of billions of euros in aid have already been poured in, and it’s not over yet. Governments are taking a variety of measures, from capping gas and electricity prices to bailing out struggling energy companies and providing direct assistance to households. The support continues despite … Read more

From clinical death to billions in profits. Barcelona hope the worst is out of the way

Football Barcelona, ​​despite significant financial troubles, earned 2.4 billion crowns last season and expects a profit of even 6.75 billion next season. “I don’t understand. Barcelona is the only club in the world that doesn’t have money and can bring any player. It seems crazy to me,” wondered Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann in the summer … Read more

Asteroid collisions have changed the moon’s poles for billions of years

New research shows that the moon’s poles have changed as a result of asteroid collisions over billions of years. Astronomers have long used lunar craters to plot the history of the two moon and all Solar system, because the distribution of the devastation caused by the asteroid impact paints a picture of the violent conditions … Read more

The market value of vaccine manufacturers has lost billions of dollars

Investors have started selling shares of coronavirus vaccine makers as their market value has fallen by more than $10 billion. The value of shares of “Moderna” on the New York Stock Exchange fell by 7.14%, “BioNTech” – by 8.6%, “Novavax” by 6.5%, and “Pfizer”, which has a much wider product portfolio, fell by 1 .3%. … Read more

Physicists have created frost billions of times colder than outer space. Experimentation can lead to the production of tailor-made materials

“Unless an extraterrestrial civilization is conducting similar experiments right now, this experiment at Kyoto University creates the coolest fermions in the universe,” announced Rice University’s Kaden Hazzard, lead author of the study, which was published in the journal Nature Physics. Fermion is the name for ordinary particles, such as electrons. Along with bosons, fermions are … Read more

Power companies lose billions on agreements made worse by high electricity prices – NRK Vestland

It is a great paradox: while electricity prices are rising, Norwegian power producers are losing billions of kroner gate current prices. NRK has gone through the half-year accounts of the largest power companies in the country. They show large deficits and write-offs. What has happened? We can go the route of the power municipality Høyanger, … Read more