Boldly.. when they asked the artist Belqis Ahmed Fathi about the reason for her divorce and the destruction of her home?.. she answered without shame!

The famous Yemeni artist, Belqis Ahmed Fathi, had revealed for the first time ever secrets about her divorce from her ex-husband after her separation. This came during the “Stages” program, which was a guest on it, and the Yemeni artist, Belqis, spoke about the details of her divorce stage, stressing that she is still in … Read more

Thomas and Uber Cup 2022 Badminton Schedule Thursday 12 May 2022 Tomorrow, Watch the Action of Bilqis Prasista Etc.

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – The match that determines the results of the 2022 Thomas Cup is complete. Which involves the duel of the representatives Thomas Cup Indonesia vs South Korea Wednesday 11 May 2022. After playing 5 games, Team Thomas Indonesia finally came out victorious. With a final score of 3-2 over South Korea or Carousel . … Read more

The audience is in shock and astonishment after the spread of a selfie of the divorced artist Bilqis with this famous actress .. You will not believe how they appeared.!

Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, divorced artist Balqis Fathi, ignited social networking sites, after appearing in a short video clip, sitting at a table next to Syrian actress Lilia al-Atrash, who was famous for the role of “Lutfia” in the early parts of the Bab al-Hara series. No statement was issued by the 44-year-old … Read more

Belqis video spontaneously ignites social networking sites!

Yemeni artist contactBilqisMarketing for the music video for her new song “patient​” Which she released in the Moroccan dialect, and photographed in a remote village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.Belqis published a spontaneous video clip of her, in which she appeared as she danced in the Moroccan way and with a clear humor to … Read more

Balqis grabs attention with her dance at a wedding

A video spread on social media showing the Emirati artist ​BilqisCompass dancing during a wedding celebration in Dubai. Balqis appeared in the video, dancing to the tunes of a Yemeni song and swaying, and the dance impressed the followers and interacted with her with their comments. The audience also admired her look, as Balqis wore … Read more

Video- Bilqis reveals a deterioration in her health

The Yemeni actress revealedBilqis​ Fathi, in a video clip, through her personal account on the social networking site, said that she feels very tired, especially during exercise, which forced her to visit a doctor and conduct some tests to find out the reason. Belqis confirmed that she had reached the point of fainting from extreme … Read more

Balqis is eager for followers to watch this video

The Yemeni actress is preparingBilqisTo release a new song from her album “New Case”, titled “south of the path​”. She promoted the song by publishing a promotional video on her social networking site, in which she appeared in a Bedouin dress. She commented, “Today, a new music video and a new song exclusively on YouTube. … Read more