We let the virus slip through our hands. Five questions about bird flu

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 18:11 Eliane Lamper editor Online Eliane Lamper editor Online The new bird flu season is just around the corner, while the previous outbreak is still ongoing. More than 626,000 animals were killed this month alone. At a poultry farm in Drenthe yesterday was the biggest cull since the first breakout of the … Read more

A bird musical to put you in a bad mood

Fortunately, “Robin falls” is not a Cezinando musical. It’s just another bad theater performance at Vega Scene. Birds feel with light cones. Even with up to several abortions, suicides and breakups, “Robin falls” never manages to touch its audience. Photo: Erika Hebbert/Vega Scene 25. sep. 2022 21:08 Last updated today 10:48 “Robin falls” sells itself … Read more

5 questions about the relationship between bird flu and waterfowl

With regard to the risk of bird flu, there is an impression that the number of waterfowl, and geese in particular, is increasing in the Netherlands. However, figures from bird counts from the Sovon knowledge center show that the waterfowl population has been stable over the past ten years. Is the number of waterfowl in … Read more

We’ve been living together for 8 years… Woo Young-woo, Kwon Mo Sul-su, Joo Jong-hyuk’s surprise confession Miu Bird

Photo = SBS broadcast screen Actor Joo Jong-hyuk Joo Jong-hyuk, the protagonist of the drama ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, appeared as a special guest on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which was broadcast on the 18th. On this day, Joo Jong-hyuk revealed that he has been living with his best friend for 8 years. “It’s … Read more

New bird flu cases in Overijssel and Groningen: nearly 100,000 animals killed

ANP In cooperation with RTV East NOS News•Sunday, 10:51•Amended Sunday, 23:00 New cases of bird flu were identified today at two companies in Groningen and Overijssel. In total, almost 100,000 animals were killed. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, both farms are likely to be the highly pathogenic variant of the virus, which means that … Read more

“It was terrifying!”: Panic in training for Remco Evenepoel, chased by an aggressive bird (video)

Cyclists know several enemies: the wind, the slope, cramps… in Wollongong, at the World Road Championships, another threat hangs over their heads: the flute-bearing cassican, more commonly known as the Australian magpie. Just arrived from Spain, where he won the Vuelta, Remco Evenepoel is not ready to forget his first training outing in Australia. “Suddenly … Read more

Animal ambulance discovers rapid test for bird flu and saves lives with it

Dead geese were found in the Stadsgracht in Bunschoten this week. It was not immediately clear whether there was bird flu. More and more animal ambulances are using a rapid flu test for humans in such cases. If the bird tests positive for the flu, the animal probably has bird flu. (image anp / Hollandse … Read more

Bird shelter De Mikke starts with throat swab to test birds for bird flu

“From tomorrow we will use the tests, this afternoon we will first receive an instruction,” says Louwerse. “These are very expensive tests, so we can only use them on suspicious birds.” The tests cost about three euros each, while dozens of birds a day enter the shelter that runs on donations and volunteers. “We are … Read more