This is the appearance of the house’s precarious furniture being stripped down by Bucin’s son for the sake of his girlfriend

Bantul – A youth in Bantul Regency, DRS (24), drains the furniture and demolishes the roof of his mother’s house in order to comply with his girlfriend’s wishes. The perpetrator’s mother, Paliyem (53), revealed that the number of furniture sold by her son who was willing to become a love slave (bucin) reached a dozen. … Read more

School Clusters Emerge, DIY Local Government Reconsiders Online

Yogyakarta – Clusters or cases of the Corona virus in schools in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) are increasing. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of DIY Kadarmanta Baskara Aji considered this to be homework (PR) for parents of students. Aji said his party had asked the DIY Youth and Sports Education Office (Disdikpora) and the … Read more

Chronology of 4 People Killed by Cyanide Poisoned by Shamans in Magelang

Magelang – Four people died of poisoning cyanide a male shaman in the District Magelang, initialed IS (57). The following is the chronology of the case revealed by the Magelang Police, Central Java, it. – Thursday (14/5/2020)20.00 WIB It was revealed that the first IS victim was a man with the initials M (52), a … Read more

Chronology of the sadistic robbery that killed the Solo Cigarette Warehouse security guard

Solo – Robbery and the murder of PT Japan Tbk’s cigarette warehouse security guard Solo, Central Java, Suripto (33) was finally revealed. The perpetrator of RS MM alias S (21) was finally arrested in Wonogiri. The following is a complete chronology of the case. Monday, November 15, 2021 01.30 WIB Victim Suripto was on night … Read more

Persis Solo coach Eko Purdjianto Out? Gibran Has a Leak

Solo – The fate of Persis Solo coach Eco Purdjianto on the edge after the defeat of PSIM Yogyakarta. Even the tag of #Ekoout is increasingly being echoed by Persis Solo lovers. The elder brother of Persis Solo Kaesang boss, Gibran Rakabuming Raka even claimed to have received leaks related to it. “There have been … Read more

Chronology of 2 Vegetable Traders in Magelang Died by Poisoned by His Trustworthy Shaman

Magelang – Two vegetable traders with the initials L (31) and W (38) in Magelang Regency, Central Java, were found died of poisoning. The bodies of the two victims were found on the side of the road. The following is the chronology of the events. – Wednesday (10/11/2021)15.30 WIB Victims L and W intend to … Read more

This is the look of the 2 Suspects of Diksar Death Menwa UNS Solo

Solo – Two suspects in the participant’s death case Diksar Menwa Eleven March University (UNS) Solo, Gilang Endi Saputra, underwent reconstruction today. Two suspects, namely NFM and FPJ, were seen wearing dark blue prison clothes numbered 14 and 19. Observations at the Manahan Stadium Solo, Thursday (11/18/2021), the two suspects were not presented simultaneously in … Read more

PDIP Salatiga Chairman Outspoken Resigns, Attacks Bambang Pacul-Singgung Ahok

Semarang – Senior PDIP cadre, Teddy Sulistio suddenly resigned as Chairman of the DPC PDIP Salatiga City. The decision raised a number of questions, but now Teddy had explained a number of reasons. In mid-October 2021, the news of the resignation came suddenly. However, Teddy explained that the decision had been considered about 4 years … Read more

The Tramp on the Neck Incident in League 3, the Mayor of Magelang Concerned

Magelang – First match League 3 PPSM Sakti Magelang vs. Persak Kebumen was marked by a stampede on the neck. The Mayor of Magelang also spoke up. PPSM Sakti Magelang vs Persak Kebumen at the Dr Moch Soebroto Stadium, Magelang City, was marked by an incident, Monday (1/11). PPSM Magelang midfielder Santino Berti was stepped … Read more

This is the Confession of the Red Plate Car Driver for the Ambulance Block in Klaten

Klaten – Video of the red plate car belonging to the Health Service Klaten Regency Government blocking the ambulance transporting accident patients viral on social media. The driver of the AD 9502 OL state-owned car, Yustanto (35), finally spoke up and admitted that there was no intention to block the ambulance. “I can’t go to … Read more