Women Praying in Front of the Lampung Church Not Related to Radicalism

Lampung – The action of a woman praying in the churchyard in Bandar Lampung, Lampung, create a commotion. The woman was confirmed not to be associated with any illicit organization. “There were no indications of followers of radical sects or illicit organizations,” said North Betung Bay Police Chief Commissioner Robi B Wicaksono, Friday (11/19/2021). The … Read more

No Radical Elements Related to Viral Church Prayer Women Video

Jakarta – A video showing a woman praying in the courtyard of a church in Bandar Lampung viral on social media (social media). The police confirmed that there were no elements at all radical related to that video. In the circulating video, a woman was seen wearing a gray mukena praying alone in the churchyard … Read more

The driver of the car that hit the Viral Security Guard in Medan makes a report back to the police

Medan – security A viral man who was hit and stuck on the hood of a car in Medan made a report to the police. The driver of the car that hit the security guard also made a report back. The driver reported that he felt he was a victim of abuse. He reported being … Read more

23 Batanghari Police Detainees Escape When Entrusted in Jambi Prison

Jambi – Dozens home The Jambi Batanghari Police Headquarters escaped from a correctional institution (prison). The 23 police detainees escaped when they were placed in the Jambi Class IIb Special Children’s Prison. “From the explanation of the Chief of Police, there are a total of 23 people,” said the Head of Public Relations of the … Read more

Waiting for Suspect in Case of Alleged Lecturer Ciumi Student Unri

Jakarta – The police revealed the latest developments in the case of Riau University students (Unri) allegedly kissed by the lecturer during thesis guidance. Police said the case had moved to the investigation stage. This case emerged after a video confession of a student about sexual harassment on campus Unri viral. The student admitted to … Read more

Dispar Suspects Something Badly Framing Aceh Singkil About Viral Dead Dogs

Banda Aceh – Photo and video questions dog named Canon died after being arrested to be moved from Pulau Banyak to mainland Aceh Singkil viral. The Aceh Singkil Tourism Office suspects that there are parties who deliberately exaggerate the problem. “What is clear if I see this exists framing from certain parties so that this … Read more

The Case of a Trader in North Sumatra Beaten by Thugs In fact Becomes a Suspect Stopped!

Medan – The North Sumatra Police (North Sumatra) has conducted a special case related to the determination of the suspect against Litiwari Iman Gea, female trafficker who was beaten by thugs at Gambir Market, Deli Serdang. The North Sumatra Police have stopped investigating the case. It was delivered North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Panca … Read more

Thank God the Market Trader After the Self-Defense Case Beaten by Thugs Wasn’t Followed Up

Medan – The North Sumatra Police have stopped the case of a market trader, Litiwari Iman Gea, who defended himself beaten by thugs. Gea is grateful that the suspect status that had been pinned on him has been revoked. This was conveyed by Mrs. Gea after the North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Panca Putra … Read more

OTT KPK Muba Regent Dodi Alex Noerdin Arrested, This Is What The South Sumatra Governor Says

Palembang – KPK held a hand arrest operation (OTT) against the Regent of Musi Banyuasin (Muba) Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin and other officials. In this regard, the Governor of South Sumatra (Sumsel) Herman Deru asked other regional heads in South Sumatra to avoid such actions. “From me, avoid things related to criminal offenses,” said Herman … Read more

Defendant of raping biological children in Aceh is free, KPPA blames Qanun Jinayat

Banda Aceh – Syar’iyah Court (MS) Aceh acquitted the man with the initials SUR (46) who was charged with raping a 5-year-old biological child. Child Protection Supervision Commission Aceh (KPPAA) blamed Qanun Jinayat as the cause of the problem. “This case strengthens the assumption that there are systemic problems in the implementation of Qanun Jinayat … Read more