Record low birth rate registered in China last year :: Dienas Bizness

Have you ever wondered where your Ray-Ban glasses, Converse sneakers, Nike sportswear, Calvin Klein underwear and the Iphone from which you probably read this are made? These are just some of the products made in China, and we are convinced that most people in the world have a product with the word ‘MADE IN CHINA’ … Read more

Tele2 will introduce VoLTE technology for a new generation of voice communications :: Dienas Bizness

The multi-service company Tele2 will introduce VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) technology, which will provide significantly faster call connection time, as well as higher quality of voice and video calls. Currently, the first calls have been made in the Tele2 network using VoLTE technology, and negotiations are underway with equipment manufacturers to activate this technology … Read more

International Energy Agency blames Russia for European gas crisis :: Dienas Bizness

The hospitality industry is facing an extraordinary and inadequately high increase in gas prices, which will lead a number of local capital accommodation and catering companies to insolvency and job losses, according to information compiled by the Latvian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA). According to the calculations made by the members of LVRA, the increase … Read more

Luggage handling infrastructure will be reconstructed at the airport for 4.43 million euros :: Dienas Bizness

There is an object in every city of Latvia, the planning of which is the work of SIA Grupa93. They have also given their hand to the largest project of this century in Latvia – Rail Baltica, which will not only connect us to Europe, but also affect the future development of the Latvian capital, … Read more

Renault wants to sell only electric cars in Europe from 2030 :: Dienas Bizness

The last month of last year in car sales turned out to be better than the same month a year earlier, showing a 3% increase (1141 against 1110), according to data compiled by the Car Association. However, this does not indicate that the situation in the car industry has significantly improved. The increase is rather … Read more

Tele2 will invest 12.5 million euros in the development of network infrastructure :: Dienas Bizness

The mobile operator “Tele2” admits that it will be possible to talk about a serious 5G coverage in the territory of Latvia when the auction of the 700 MHz frequency, which is planned for November, is over. Only access to this frequency will allow effective implementation of 5G technology in a sufficiently large territory of … Read more

World stock prices and oil prices rise :: Dienas Bizness

Stock prices on the US and European stock markets rose on Wednesday, despite a new report on higher US inflation, and oil prices also rose, while the US dollar depreciated against other major currencies. Data released by the US Department of Employment on Wednesday showed that annual inflation in the United States rose to 7% … Read more

China needs effective common trade policy under Chinese pressure :: Dienas Bizness

On weekends, people will not be able to shop in the convenience stores operating in supermarkets without a Covid-19 certificate, thus creating stricter restrictions for retailers than during the curfew. The Latvian Traders’ Association (LTA) makes this conclusion when evaluating the amendments to the order declaring a state of emergency approved at the Cabinet meeting … Read more

CrossChem will cooperate with the Estonian gas station network Olerex :: Dienas Bizness

Latvian company, manufacturer of diesel engine exhaust system cleaning fluid AdBlue® SIA CrossChem has signed a long-term cooperation agreement worth several hundred thousand euros with the network of Estonian filling stations Olerex holdinguzņēmumu Aqua Marina, thus expanding operations in the Baltics. Within the framework of cooperation Olerex will be provided with road transport products. Aqua … Read more

Alexeyev: While the neighbors made money, we were already intimidated by the following restrictions :: Dienas Bizness

The Latvian Association of Restaurants (LRB) calls on the Latvian government to get acquainted with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the experience of other European countries in harmonizing public health and national economic goals. Otherwise, Latvia will completely lose its international competitiveness and long-term development prospects. “Last year, the association twice … Read more