Lucky number 16/8/65 “Black Ant”, worshiping ceremony, pouring Thonglor Buddha images, 3 incense numbers, complete panels

Lucky number 16/8/65 It was here at the beginning of August. “Black Ant Kachapha” with many entertainers Has traveled to film the program Kachapha Pae Mu in the area of ​​Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, with Aof Rawiphat Jirasakwatana and Dr. Amnuay Justice leading the team. Nang Phaya Temple, Pak Nakhon Sub-district, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, … Read more

Kyiv: The situation in the Black Sea is stable, the “grain corridors” are working

The situation in the Black Sea is calm and stable at the moment, the “grain corridors” are working, said the head of the press center of the joint coordination of the Southern Defense of Ukraine Nataliya Humenuk. YEARS “The situation in the Black Sea is quite calm and stable, because the functioning of the “grain … Read more

The tradition of yellow and black Bugattis goes back to the founder

The first Bugatti Chiron delivered to the US was made of black carbon fiber with a yellow front end and yellow wheels. The Chiron Pur Sport that Bugatti produced in 2020 combined black with a specially blended color called ‘Jaune Molsheim’, a nod to the combination’s origins. French Molsheim is the home of the car … Read more

How to Overcome the Most Practical Black Fast Motorcycle Spark Plugs, Listen!

How to deal with black fast motorcycle spark plugs is quite easy and you can do it right away. But for beginners this might be a difficult thing. As we already know, the spark plug itself is one of the important components in the electrical section. But unfortunately there are many vehicle users including motorcycles … Read more

“OPEC” adjusts its forecast for black gold production in Russia

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has again revised its forecast for the production of liquid hydrocarbons (oil, gas condensate and other gas condensate liquids) in Russia for the current year 2022. According to the organization’s forecasts for the month of August, “OPEC” no longer … Read more

Plastic arts: the visionary artists who create a black utopia

August 12, 2022 Par Arwa Haider, BBC Culture Photo credit, Huw Locke/ Hayward Gallery/ Rob Harris image caption, In the Dark Fantasy Ancient myths, magic, history and science fiction inspire an exhilarating and fantastical afrofuturistic realm in a new exhibit. Arwa Haider speaks with the artists concerned. The cool interior of London’s Hayward Gallery seems … Read more

The exodus of Ferragosto begins, black sticker traffic – Chronicle

Mid-August is almost upon us and to celebrate it there will be the usual exodus of vacationers who will reach the destination of their dream holidays. It will therefore be a weekend with a black stamp that started today for the traffic of the big departures which will culminate tomorrow. In fact, starting this afternoon, … Read more

Mid-August, black sticker traffic: Palermo queuing for 3 hours at the Strait embarkation

Rosaura Bonfardino 12 August 2022 15:23 Share Black dot traffic for the big departures in August. Starting this afternoon, traffic is expected to increase steadily along the Anas network (FS Italiane Group). On the A2 ‘Autostrada del Mediterraneo’, due to the intense atmospheric precipitation of the last few hours in the province of Reggio Calabria, … Read more

Great Britain: The capabilities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet have been significantly reduced after the explosions at the airbase

After this week’s explosions in occupied Crimea of Russia The aviation capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet are now significantly reduced. The incident is likely to force the Russian military to review its threat perception, as Crimea has until now been considered a safe rear area, according to the latest intelligence released by Britain’s Ministry … Read more