Thousands of cars are being stolen with a USB cable. Blame it on a TikTok video

Mfo Mojapelo / Unsplash Hundreds of thousands of Kia and Hyundai cars are being stolen with a simple USB cable in the United States. Blame it on a video on TikTok. The United States is experiencing an unprecedented increase in car thefts in several cities over the past two years. This sudden increase is related … Read more

ANTOŠ’S RAZOR: Welcome to the playoffs, the judges are to blame for everything! Extraliga must determine its path

They are the biggest villains on the ice who can’t do it at all and influence the games. We leave aside the performances of the players, the team managements and bring everything down to the man in pinstripes. As we remain calm in the regular season and have gotten used to not cursing at the … Read more

Raw materials are cheap, but goods in stores are not: who is to blame?

Prices are still rising, albeit only little by little, reports “LNK Žinios”. Despite the fact that raw materials are cheap, this is not reflected in the prices of goods purchased by the final consumer. Why? According to economist Indrės Genytė-Pikčienė, this can be due to many reasons. According to the statistics department, the price of … Read more

Why do wrinkles form? Blame the bacteria on the face

Some bacteria have been identified in the facial microbiome that could be responsible for the decrease in collagen and the appearance of wrinkles. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that wrinkles also appear with age. Several factors favor its onset: certainly genetics but also lifestyle, from smoking to excessive exposure to sunlight to … Read more

SBK, Bautista: “Today Rea is not to blame, happier with the sensations than the victory”

“We both wanted to keep the same trajectory, but here if you miss by half a meter you’re down. I don’t think I would have crashed if the battle with Rea had taken place on another track. The championship is still long and the important thing isn’t the points, but being competitive on a track … Read more

Are the media and industry themselves to blame for toxic console wars?

Console Wars are timeless. Ever since the NES, Amiga and Commodore, fans have been bickering with each other. It’s usually catching flies, trolling and teasing when a game on a certain platform was disappointing. Then the fans will be dissappointed. Generally pretty innocent stuff. Maybe a bit tiring if you don’t like it, but it … Read more

From his point of view, his love for her has been bubbling for almost 10 years, Ed Sheeran is to blame for their relationship! Who is Courteney Cox’s husband? – Star cases – Cocktail

Although a trio of well-known actresses took center stage at the Walk of Fame star unveiling ceremony, this man was also in the spotlight. Singer and musician Johnny McDaid came out to support his fiancee Courteney Cox. Photo: SITA/AP, Damian Dovarganes Musician Johnny McDaid with his partner – fiancee Courteney Cox after the ceremony where … Read more

Peksa (Pirates): Since everyone has to eat, the price tags rise higher and higher. Who is to blame?

25/02/2023 13:44 | From networks Comment on your public Facebook profile about bidding. Photo: Hello Hassan Description: MEP Mikuláš Peksa WHAT IS REALLY EXPENSIVE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC? Our country is gaining another lead – this time, unfortunately, in price growth. According to Eurostat, month-on-month inflation in the Czech Republic was by far the highest … Read more

Great Britain, rationed vegetables in supermarkets. Former manager of a chain: “The government brought it on itself. Brexit is also to blame”

Asda allows you to buy no more than three packs of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Morrisons has instead announced the two-a-head limit on products such as cucumbers. According to Justin King, former CEO of Sainsbury’s, London’s divorce from Brussels has “drastically affected” the sector and the country has become too dependent on imports also because … Read more