Speculators are also to blame for the global rise in food prices

The situation is worsened by the poverty and logistical problems that hit these regions during the pandemic. Anna Slattery, a representative of the non-profit organization “The Hunger Project”, told “Deutsche Welle” already in June that African countries are experiencing a rapid increase in food prices – the prices of corn, soybeans and cooking oil in … Read more

Mysterious payment through Paysera: detective, where did the data leak and who is to blame? | Business

Mykolas (name changed, but known to the editors), who wrote the letter to the editors, represents a young and small company that has a business account with the Paysera payment company. He said that on July 9 4:21 p.m. with the company’s card data, without the knowledge of the owner, in other words, without authorization … Read more

Military expert: Russia unlikely to blame Ukraine for shelling air base in Crimea

At the moment, there is no officially confirmed information that the attack on the base in Crimea was carried out by Ukrainian forces, so we should wait for the next few days, when more information could follow. At the same time, it is absolutely clear that what happened was not an accident, as several explosions … Read more

Zara and H&M could be partly to blame

Inflation in Spain is close to 11% and they warn that it will be worse Food, energy (especially gas), beverages and the absence of offers from clothing stores, among the reasons. In the Eurozone, year-on-year inflation already marked 8.9% in July, its historical maximum. Inflation is affecting practically everyone. There is hardly a country that … Read more

Almost every home has electricity “thieves” who are to blame for a high bill: find out who they are

As electricity becomes more expensive, many Lithuanians try to save money and use less electricity at home. Some are also considering replacing appliances, installing solar or wind power plants. Almost every home has electricity “thieves” that consume the lion’s share of the monthly energy consumption, but could easily be optimized. “Energy distribution operator” (IT’S) commissioned … Read more

Erik ten Hag doesn’t want to blame David de Gea for Manchester United’s draw

TWITTER.COM/MANUTDMEN Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Manchester United, Erik ten Hagrefused to blame David De Gea for his team’s minor results in pre-season matches Premier League oppose Aston Villa. Manchester United only played 2-2 against Aston Villa in pre-season Premier League at Optus Stadium, Perth, Australia, Saturday (23/7/2022). Man United went … Read more

Leclerc: I don’t blame the Ferrari for hitting the wall

Original title: Leclerc: It’s not my fault for the Ferrari to hit the wall Retiring is enough to feel sad. At the Paul-Ricciardo circuit, Leclerc not only withdrew from the race, but also stopped work early while leading the race. The 4th win of the season, which was originally expected to be in hand, ended … Read more

We will not return the money, covid is to blame. Diamond bonds in trouble

The DIC Group, which produces diamond jewelry, offers investment diamonds or wanted to build a hotel complex in the United Arab Emirates for five billion crowns, is having problems paying its bonds. The editors of the Peníze.cz website were contacted by two people who bought DIC bonds in 2017. They were supposed to get the … Read more

40% of drivers believe that driving culture creates risks, 32% blame the condition of the roads

A large number of drivers, or 40%, believe that the biggest risks on the roads are caused by their own habits and driving culture, 32% of drivers blame the condition of the roads, another 15% say that the risks are caused by the weather. 6% believe that the permissible level of alcohol in the blood … Read more