No longer a virgin, but why does Miss V still bleed, Doc?

Jakarta – Question: Doc, why can blood come out of the intimate organs during intercourse? Even though she’s not a virgin anymore. Is this normal? What do you think is the cause? Thank you Doc. AHM (gender and age not stated) Answer: It should be further investigated what is the cause. Discharge of blood from … Read more

Netflix continues to bleed: Too many laid off

Declaring that it has lost tens of thousands of subscribers recently, layoffs continue at Netflix. Release: 14:09 – 24 June 2022 Updated: 14:27 – 24 June 2022 Losing subscribers Netflixfired 300 more people in the new wave of layoffs. “We made several adjustments to keep costs in line with slowing revenue growth,” the company … Read more

The Egyptian League .. Al-Ahly continues to bleed points

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" With this equalizer, raise Al Ahly His score is 34 points in third place, and he has four games postponed, seven points behind the leader, his traditional rival, Zamalek, and five points from the runner-up Pyramids, while Al-Ahly Bank raised its score to 25 points in eighth place. This tie … Read more

Yvonne Coldeweijer: ‘Danny de Munk knocks interns until they bleed’

A man of impeccable conduct, isn’t he, that Danny de Munk? So far, yes. At the age of 12, he stole the heart of many Dutch people in 1982 through his leading role in the feature film Ciske de Rat† As a child star, his songs were all a success, especially I feel so damned … Read more

Premier League | C Lang scored 21 goals in all competitions and won 8.7 million bonus, Puba was kicked and bleed by Maguni (20:31) – 20220417 – Sports – Instant News

The British “Sun” reported that C Lang’s contract when he returned to the nest in the summer stated that as long as he scored 20 goals alone this season, he could get 750,000 pounds, and then he could get 100,000 pounds for every 1 goal scored. Therefore, he has scored 21 goals. A total of … Read more

Maguire causes teammate Pogba to bleed into the head (video)

date of publication: April 16, 2022 15:38 GMT Update date: April 16, 2022 19:55 GMT Harry Maguire, the Manchester United defender and captain, injured his teammate Paul Pogba, during the Manchester United and Norwich City match in the English Premier League. During a fixed ball, Maguire advanced with his colleagues, but during his attempt to … Read more

A hot kiss from Ahmed Zaki made her bleed from her lower lips, and after that she decided to quit acting for good… You will be shocked after knowing who you are??

2022/04/12 It’s 07:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian star Ahmed Zaki is an Egyptian actor, born in the city of Zagazig in the Sharkia Governorate, and studied at the Industrial School, then joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and graduated from it in 1973. The Honorable Thief), and he turned to … Read more

Actor Ahmed Zaki: reincarnated and immersed himself in a very hot scene on the bed..with this famous artist and caused a lot of her blood to bleed.. She quit art immediately, who is she!!

2022/03/22 It’s 06:20 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Ahmed Zaki reincarnated many characters, and for his excessive reincarnation, he caused some physical damage to his participants in his roles, especially during scenes of violence or romantic scenes. It is indisputable that the able artist and the late actor Ahmed Zaki was able … Read more