Irregular games and bets to facilitate the clan: blitz with 33 arrests, also in Agrigento and Messina

Stop too in the provinces of Agrigento and Messina as part of an investigation that led to 33 measures of pre-trial detention in prison carried out by the carabinieri and foreign police bodies. The Italian provinces in which the arrests were carried out, in addition to those of Agrigento and Messina, are Salerno, Ascoli Piceno, … Read more

Blitz in an abandoned building in via San Marco, the carabinieri find the body of a homeless man

The carabinieri found his body in an abandoned building at number 52 in via San Marco. The Arma soldiers were looking for something else and when they carried out the blitz (yesterday 5 January, around 18) they found themselves faced with a situation of total degradation, with hundreds of glass bottles stacked and a makeshift … Read more

Who are the doctors No vax of the blitz at the assembly of the Order of doctors of Rome

Some have been identified thanks to the cameras of the Pineta Palace hotel. Others could soon be summoned to the police station for questioning. Certainly the 40 or 50 doctors No vax that yesterday became the protagonists of the blitz during the assembly of the Order of Doctors of Rome they will also be denounced … Read more

Blitz on pecorino, the “Sardinian breed” at risk

More than Israeli and French sheep for Sardinia they will be the “Trojan sheep”. Virgil, the ancient Roman poet who declaimed the qualities of the millenary “Pecorino” cheese, would never have imagined that his “Trojan horse”, told in his famous Aeneid, would have assumed, two thousand years later, the appearance of a sheep in the … Read more

Blitz Wolf launches its new BW-AT3C smart watch…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: Blitz Wolf launches its new smartwatch BW-AT3C … (dpa) Blitz Wolff announced the launch of its new smartwatch BW-AT3C. The Chinese company explained that it has equipped its new smart watch with a 1.32-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The new smart watch … Read more

School, from the Aristophanes to the Column is a wave of occupations: students’ blitz at dawn

The week begins with a wave of occupations in various high schools in Rome, particularly in the Montesacro area: the students of Orazio, Aristofane, Archimede-Pacinotti and Nomentano together “took possession” of their respective institutes in the early hours of dawn, swelling the ranks of schools occupied from the beginning of October to today. Vittoria Colonna … Read more

“Irregular competitions to hire researchers and professors”, a new blitz from Finance

New blitz by the Guardia di Finanza at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Also delivered some warranty notices. As a note from the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office explains, the seizure of deeds and documents is the continuation of the September investigations from which “elements emerged that allow us to hypothesize the existence of irregularities … Read more

BLITZ – Dead Astro, from UB40

Died Astro, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of the UB40. I was 64 years old. The news of his death came through social media, with Astro and UB40’s official accounts mentioning “a sudden illness”. The musician, by his birth name Terence Wilson, joined UB40 after they were formed in 1978, remaining in the band until 2013. After … Read more

Digos blitz, searches throughout Italy for “neo-Nazi and supremacist subversive association”. 26 suspects

House searches of the Police throughout Italy, from the very early hours of the morning, against 26 people under investigation by subversive matrix association neo-Nazi e suprematist. To perform the Digos (Directorates of general investigations and special operations) of the provinces of Naples, Caserta, Avellino, Siena, Rome, Turin, Ragusa, Lecce and Ferrara, with the collaboration … Read more

BLITZ – Fighting for life, Portuguese DJ Magazino releases biography. “I’ve had more than 170 blood transfusions, but I’m strong”

The Portuguese DJ Magazino returns ‘to the plates’ on Saturday, in Lisbon, after almost two years away “fighting for life”, after having been diagnosed with leukemia, which remains to be cured. This ‘fight’, which is about to last, is just one among several stories, personal and professional, of a 25-year career that Magazino (Luís Costa) … Read more