NBA Rumors: And Giannis Antetokounmpo and Golden State Warriors?

We are not going to fool ourselves at this point in the movie. The options that Giannis Antetokounmpo end in Golden State Warriors They are very small, however, to this day (as long as the Greek continues without extending his contract with Milwaukee Bucks), those options still exist. The rumores NBA They talk about Anteto … Read more

Killian Hayes, the rookie who makes Detroit’s future promising

Detroit Pistons He put his hopes for his future in the competition on the 19-year-old point guard on November 18, the day of the 2020 NBA Draft celebration, Killian Hayes, using his pick 7 with him and leaving aside the possibility of signing Russell Westbrook, with whom he shares position on the track. Born in … Read more

The Celtics didn’t consider Myles Turner good enough

It was a secret out loud that the Boston Celtics they were looking for a pivot for their squad. The Indiana Pacers wanted Gordon Hayward and they would have given them Myles Turner. The Pacers pivot seemed key for the Celtics, but it has been known that Danny Ainge and the rest of the board … Read more

Top 10 NBA Free Agents Available

A player missing to sign his contract is Anthony Davis. He’s the best free agent in the class, but there’s never been any doubt that Davis would re-sign with Los angeles lakers. That is why it has hardly been in the news these days. Most of the league expects La Ceja to sign a three-year … Read more

NBA players with the biggest hands in history Kawhi Leonard

It is not a guarantee of success, but it is a great help in many parameters of the game. Have big hands on NBA, and basketball in general, guarantees a very fluid ball handling, remarkable grip and very relevant when it comes to capturing rebounds and good ability for aerial play. However, it may have … Read more

Tacko Fall will continue two more seasons with the Celtics

Boston Celtics has closed one of the operations that it still had open in its offices. Danny Ainge has completed the renovation process of Thanks Fall, one of the league’s most distinctive giants who will continue to work on the TD Garden court. The agreement has been concluded with a dual contract, or as the … Read more

Celtics join Nets and Sixers in “bid” for James Harden

The raffle continues for James Harden in the Eastern Conference. While the Nets and Sixers appear to have the best chance of clinching the league’s leading scorer, they aren’t the only ones. The last rumores NBA that have come to us speak of the Boston Celtics as the other team interested in getting their services. … Read more

The NBA officially confirms that there will be Play-in of four teams in each Conference

We had anticipated it a few weeks ago and the NBA has been in charge of officially confirming it: there will be a more extensive play-in, being the great novelty of the NBA 2020/21 calendar. There will be play-in between the teams classified between the positions 7 to 10 of each Conference, with a tie … Read more

There is already a date for the start of NBA training

The players of the NBA They already know the dates when their vacations will end and they will start preparing for the new season. The matches will begin on December 22, but we already know the day when the players will return to training collectively with their respective franchises: between December 4 and 6. Individual … Read more

NBA transfers: Robert Covington to the Blazers and Trevor Ariza to the Rockets

The transfers in the NBA do not stop happening. Houston Rockets has reached an agreement with the Portland Trail Blazers for the transfer of Robert Covington in exchange of Trevor Ariza, a first round from 2020 and a protégé from 2021 (Thursday’s pick is number 16). Robert Covington will play for the Trail Blazers. In … Read more