3 simple reasons why you have trouble with your bowel movements (and how to solve it) – Wel.nl

One person goes to the small room every day for a big message, the other only twice a week. But sometimes things just don’t go smoothly. Why is that and what can you do about it? Professor of gastrointestinal diseases Danny De Looze of the UZ in Ghent explains in Het Laatste Nieuws. Not enough … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccination stop has already cost many more lives than thrombosis side effect – Wel.nl

What had already been predicted has already been demonstrated: the temporary pause with the AstraZeneca vaccine has cost significantly more lives than the thrombosis side effect. According to a new study, about which HLN writes. The study was carried out in Italy and France, two countries that require a temporary injection stop after the side … Read more

Why do some people react so much more to caffeine than others? – Wel.nl

One can drink an espresso in the evening and then sleep like a baby, the other is already awake if he drinks coffee after 3 p.m. How can that be so different? NRC figured it out. It mainly has to do with genetic predisposition, writes French researcher Astrid Nehlig in an extensive review-articles. For one … Read more

Bags that fit abayas inspired by fashion blogs – UAE breaking news

Many girls prefer to wear the abaya with its different designs during the holy month of Ramadan, due to its modest appearance, ease of movement in it, in addition to its elegance and the ability to coordinate it with many daily looks. The methods of coordinating bags differ according to the design and color of … Read more

sleep deprivation increases risk of dementia – Wel.nl

Sleep deprivation and dementia have been associated for some time, but an over 30-year study now provides the definitive answer: those who sleep too little in middle age are more likely to develop dementia later on. What is cause and what effect must be further investigated. The conclusions come from the so-called Whitehall II-studie tracking … Read more

“We found large pots of poison” – Wel.nl

45 years later Charles Sobhraj is once again busy. By Netflix series The Serpent the French serial killer, who murdered hippies in Thailand, is in the spotlight again. NRC spoke to the man who put Sobhraj behind bars, the diplomat Herman Knippenberg. Missing DutchSobhraj, who pretended to be Alain Gautier, murdered backpackers who ended up … Read more

those who do not move much run a higher risk of death from corona – Wel.nl

Those who lead a largely sedentary life, or otherwise exercise little, run a greater risk of dying from a corona infection or a more serious disease course, say the authors of a study of 50,000 people that appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on Tuesday. Male gender, advanced age, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular … Read more

There is one corona mutation that presumably ‘breaks through the vaccine’ – Wel.nl

Vaccination could be a race against time. After all, at any moment a corona mutant can emerge that outsmarts the vaccines. In Israel, it has already been established that the South African variant is better able to ‘break through the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine defense’ than other forms of the virus. One of the authors … Read more

Why you should not choose your partner yourself – Wel.nl

American sociologist Elizabeth Bruch examined data from a dating site to map out how people choose a partner. Her conclusion: algorithms are ultimately better able to find a suitable partner than we ourselves. The condition is that sufficient variables have been included. But if that is the case, the chances of finding a suitable partner … Read more

When you book a holiday to Malta you get a 220 euro discount – Wel.nl

To kickstart tourism, the first 35,000 tourists who book a holiday to sunny Malta receive a discount of up to 220 euros on their hotel stays. The miniature state in the Mediterranean wants to reopen the season to tourists from 1 June. The combination of a high vaccination coverage on the island itself and a … Read more