Katarzyna Kępka boasts about her NEW home in Sri Lanka: “We managed to rent a house here with a view of the OCEAN” (PHOTOS)

After a long time of media non-existence Katarzyna Kępka This year, it received a large boost in popularity, all due to the surprising decision to emigrate. The fitness trainer, who years ago gained recognition as the presenter of Viva Polska, threw herself into the deep water, moving with her partner Simon and a 5-year-old daughter … Read more

“I don’t even feel sorry for civilians.” A Russian soldier boasts of his crimes

Russian soldiers have no hesitation in shooting civilians trying to escape from the temporarily occupied territories, informs the Security Service of Ukraine. The SBU published another intercepted conversation by the Russian occupiers. “I don’t even feel sorry for civilians,” says one of them to his wife. Illustrative photo /STEPAN FRANKO /PAP / EPA The SBU … Read more

Hezbollah boss boasts Iran can attack Israel directly

loading… A woman sits near a poster of the leader of Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, in Khiam near Israel. Photo/REUTERS/Aziz Taher BEIRUT – Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah boasts that Iran can attack Israel directly. He also warned Tel Aviv that his Shia militia would be on high alert in response to upcoming Israeli military … Read more

Dying Light 2 with great sales. Techland boasts of its results

Dying Light 2 is undoubtedly a solid title, and its quality is evidenced by its publishing success. Our native Techland summed up the sale of the first and the latest installment of the Dying Light series. It is worth noting that we are talking about a period from the premiere (February 4) to February 28. … Read more

Joanna Opozda boasts about the apartment. Glamor and luxury reign

Joanna Opozda (33) goes through quite a difficult period in her life. The marriage with Antek Królikowski was certainly not the easiest one. The acting couple did not survive the test of time and quickly broke up. The 33-year-old gave birth to a son, Vincet, who has had serious health problems for some time. Thanks … Read more

Stop Russia’s dependence on oil and gas, Canada boasts that it is ready to help other countries

loading… Canada said it could provide more oil, gas and uranium to help solve the global energy crisis and remove dependence on Russia. Photo/Doc OTTAWA – Canada said, can provide more oil gas and uranium to help solve the global energy crisis and eliminate dependence on Russia . As is known, the price of oil … Read more

Donald Trump boasts that he would threaten Russia with a nuclear submarine if he were US president

Former US President Donald Trump said he would threaten Russia with a nuclear submarine if he was president. (Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File) CALIFORNIA, KOMPAS.TV – Former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump again boasted, and this time related to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Trump said that if he was president of the … Read more

Defeating Marcus-Kevin, Rexy Mainaky boasts Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik Can Win Malaysia’s First Gold

HALOYOUTH – Men’s doubles pair Malaysia, Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik be a representative Malaysia which can be said to be able to realize the dream of winning a medal in Olympic Paris 2024. Men’s doubles coach and Director of BAM Development, Rexy Mainaky said now it was only the world number seven couple to form … Read more

Aneta from “Wedding at First Sight” boasts with a FLAT BELLY 10 days after giving birth (PHOTO)

Congratulations on your figure after pregnancy. You can’t actually see anything. It was similar for me, after leaving the hospital, I looked as if I was not pregnant at all (I gained 5 kg). BUT you really need to throw such photos into everyone’s attention? A bit of empathy for other women who cannot look … Read more