Ford boasts record consumption of the electric mustang, but on a specific route

When an electric car consumes about 15 kWh of energy per hundred kilometers, it is generally considered a great value. Common numbers are between eighteen and twenty-one, and anything over 30 is a lot if the car does not have an adequately gigantic battery or at least driving skills. The record for the lowest consumption … Read more

Resurrected – Blizzard draws conclusions from alpha-tests and boasts of introduced changes / CD-Action

Last year’s Warcraft III: Reforged failure showed the world how not to refresh the classics. Fans were shocked at Blizzard’s awkwardness and the number of wrong decisions made prior to the game’s release. Still, when the same company announced the return of Diablo II, we started jumping for joy again – but this time we … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia boasts her meeting with Marc Anthony: “I never thought I met him” | SHOWS

Yahaira Plasencia boasted on social networks her meeting with the salsa singer Marc Anthony during a composition session in the studio. The ‘Patrona’ was moved when she told how she met the popular interpreter. Through her Instagram account, Yahaira Plasencia published the photos with Marc Anthony and revealed that she could see up close how … Read more

The former Acapulco Shore, Manelyk González, boasts a tremendous body in a mini swimsuit

Although the Independence Day of the United States has already passed a few days ago, the beautiful former participant of the reality show of Acapulco Shore, Manelyk González, ‘paid tribute’ to the 4th of July by wearing a spectacular two-piece swimsuit with the colors and motifs of the American flag. Posing the most casual on … Read more

Actress “M jak miłość” boasts a figure! Anna Wendzikowska poses in the pool

It is known for a long time that Anna Wendzikowska lives in constant junctions. Although it is known that the actress likes to keep some things a secret, she never hid her passion for travel. The description of her Instagram profile includes the hashtag “travel the world”. So no one is surprised that she decided … Read more

Young man boasts title from where he sold sweets to pay for his studies

Millennium Digital and Isabel Zamudio Mexico City / 29.06.2021 15:12:23 What did you do to complete your university degree? It is well known that many people study and work to reach their goal: Obtain a qualification academic. However, seldom efforts behind it are made public. But like everything, there is the exception to the rule, … Read more

Tomasz Kammel boasts of his love! However, this is not a woman

Tomasz Kammel (49) shared a photo of his beloved car on Instagram. He also revealed that he was a motoring fan from an early age. Picture Tomasz Kammel /Piotr Andrzejczak /MWMedia Tomasz Kammel cares about his privacy. A few years ago he was in a relationship with Katarzyna Niezgoda, but since then his love life … Read more

Yanet García boasts a new exercise routine with tight jeans (VIDEO)

The visibility of Yanet Garcia at the digital level it is infinitely related to the way in which it is handled in its social networks, specifically on his Instagram account. In it, the Monterrey woman usually publishes daring photographs or unique videos in which show off natural beauty that has characterized her forever. More Soccer … Read more

PHOTOS: Will she measure up to Miss Universe? Mara Cifuentes with few clothes boasts her marked abdomen and caused a sensation on social networks

The Colombian trans model -Mara Cifuentes- published photos on her Instagram account that left more than one person ‘speechless’, due to her ‘great body’. And it is that Mara usually publishes photos of that style where she reveals her body with few clothes and her marked abdomen. On this occasion, the model published two photos … Read more