Seven bodies found after helicopter crash in northern Italy | NOW

Emergency services found seven bodies on Saturday after a helicopter crash in northern Italy, Italian media reported. In addition to the Italian pilot, there were four Turkish and two Lebanese nationals on board. The six passengers were in Italy for a trade show. The helicopter disappeared from radar on Thursday when it flew over a … Read more

Decaying bodies, contaminated drinking water: cholera outbreak threatens in Mariupol

Cholera outbreaks still occur, often after a disaster such as a flood or earthquake. The disaster in Marieopol is that the Russians wanted to get their hands on the city at all costs. It has been completely destroyed, including the infrastructure that should provide the city with clean water. hot and dirty These are conditions … Read more

Dolphins rub their bodies in coral reefs to soothe their irritated skin

Like humans, dolphins can sometimes develop skin irritation, but indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins aducus Tursiopswho lives in the northern Red Sea region, instead of applying paint to treat the affected area, she tends to search for the nearest coral reef area. Dolphins line up in front of coral reefs and sponges to rub their skin, just … Read more

Sjevjerodoneck “largely” controlled by Russia, countries exchange bodies

The Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament on Wednesday insisted on granting his country candidate status for the European Union, bringing the war-torn country closer to the Community, but without giving it any guarantees of admission. Ruslan Stefanchuk, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, told EU lawmakers that without a signal to Ukraine that the door would … Read more

Replacement of the bodies of deceased soldiers. Russia and Ukraine used the formula “160 out of 160”

According to a short message on the website of the ministry, the bodies of the killed soldiers were replaced in the Zaporizhia region in southern Ukraine. During “talks with the participation of the plenipotentiary dealing with the issues of missing persons in special circumstances,” the parties agreed to replace “in the 160 to 160 formula”, … Read more

They were killed for a more spectacular TV scene. Six bodies are found in the ruins of a house in Mariupol

Petri Andrushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reports on the incident. The occupying forces today cleaned the ruins of the building and buried the remains in a mass grave outside the city. “Remember the Russia Today (RT) propaganda video of a Russian tank shooting at civilians’ homes to get good shots? At the … Read more

This is what Telesa currently looks like, Montserrat García from Little Giants

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 02.06.2022 08:13:00 In 2011, a weekly reality show called Little gigants. . . . In the program there were big guest stars such as Galilea Montijo, Miguel Bose, Ariel Miramontes, Yurem Rojas, Juanpa Zurita, Fanny Lu and many more. Although there were great talents as jury and guests, the attention … Read more

This is the definition of celestial bodies, complete with 5 popular examples

KONTAN.CO.ID – This is the meaning of celestial bodies, complete with popular examples. For some readers who may not have previously understood about celestial bodies, let’s find out more here. Uncovering the universe, there are many things that we may not know. As we know, we tend to more easily know the objects that are … Read more

This is the world’s smallest robot that can enter our bodies, looks like a crab

Scientists have developed tiny robots that can walk, jump and turn on command. The robot is smaller than a flea, only half a millimeter wide. This cute crab-shaped robot is the result of the creation of scientists at Northwestern University in Illinois, United States. In addition to its small size, the robot is easy to … Read more

The bodies of the killed Russian soldiers are loaded onto trains: they find signs of what the Russians themselves are doing to their relatives

Volunteers have already helped Ukrainian troops in the northeastern Kharkiv region, from which Russian forces have withdrawn in recent weeks, to collect the remains of sixty soldiers, they are stacked in a refrigerated train car. The corpses are sometimes used to exchange prisoners of war, other times to Ukrainian soldiers who have been killed, explains … Read more