Witnesses to the tragedy in Bohumín no longer want to live in the house

Some tenants of a house in Bohumín in the Karviná region, where 11 people died in Saturday’s fire, no longer want to return to their apartments. The city will provide them with alternative housing. The house could be connected to water and electricity by Wednesday. However, the complete repair will take several months. The city … Read more

Such a serious act deserves consideration of an exceptional punishment, says the plaintiff about the fire in Bohumín

What is the current attitude of the man accused of the arson attack in Bohumín towards this act? He confessed or is he trying to deny it? The accused confessed to the crime and it can be said that he cooperates to some extent with investigators. It can even be said that he showed some … Read more

The tragedy in Bohumín, according to criminal investigators, this man started a fire

“We took turns for five years, I went to work instead of him yesterday, today I’m at work instead of him, so a normal person,” a colleague described the suspicious man, adding: “It was a short circuit, I don’t know how to say it, just switched him suddenly and it was. “ Baník’s rock fan … Read more

“Gypsies, pests, parasites”. Police are investigating a racist text about the tragedy in Bohumín

The article appeared on the VlasteneckeNoviny.cz server. The author of the article writes about the dead as “gypsies”, “pests” and “parasites”. “The police are already saving it,” the interior minister said. The police subsequently confirmed on Twitter that they were dealing with the text. “Police officers have been dealing with the racist article published in … Read more

Firefighters resist criticism. The demanding intervention in Bohumín was described minute by minute

There is a lot of speculation about the firefighters’ departure, so let’s take a minute-by-minute look at how the intervention took place. It’s 17:48. The first call announces a fire on the emergency line. It takes a minute for the operations center to pass the information to the fire station in Bohumín. Sixty seconds later, … Read more

From a family celebration to a great tragedy. This is how the fire in Bohumín went!

Before six o’clock in the early evening, an apartment in Nerudova Street started burning. Terrified neighbors began calling fire and rescue services. Flames whipped from the windows, firefighters came to the scene, people ran out of the house in panic. Shortly afterwards, the first body fell out of the eleventh-floor window. “I arrived at the … Read more

Witness: the apartment in Bohumín was set on fire by the father of one of the victims, his grandson also died along with his son

According to information from Práva, the fire was started by a man in the apartment where his son lived with his girlfriend. At the time of the incident, a celebration was taking place in the apartment, at which his mother, the man’s ex-wife, was also present. According to a neighbor’s testimony, the man came to … Read more

Confirmed: they found burning accelerators in the apartment in Bohumín

According to firefighter spokesman Lukáš Popp, firefighters ended the tour of the crash site around 01:00 and continue on Sunday. “We can confirm that traces of accelerator (burning) were found on the site, so such a rapid course of the fire and rapid development. So far, we can’t determine exactly whether it was in one … Read more

People were burning and jumping out, the witness described the tragic fire in Bohumín

She herself lives on the third floor of a house in Nerudova Street, where an apartment started burning in the early evening on Saturday. She was just returning home when she noticed white smoke rising from the eleventh floor on the opposite side of the house. She called the fire department. “My son went to … Read more