IPASME holds surgical and ophthalmological day in Caracas

IPASME carried out a day of surgical and ophthalmological care, together with Misión Milagro, for active and retired teaching staff, at its main headquarters in Caracas. The vice president of IPASME, Nohemí Marcano, pointed out that, “in the month of the celebration of the Venezuelan Teacher, following the guidelines of the President of the Republic, … Read more

José Izquierdo de La Pastora Outpatient Clinic offers general medical care to its inhabitants

From the José Izquierdo Ambulatory of the La Pastora parish, they successfully provided general and internal medicine care, with the aim of guaranteeing the inhabitants of this sector social and collective well-being. In the same way, the Ministry of Popular Power for Health (MPPS) as the governing body of the members that make up the … Read more

Astronauts return in damaged Soyuz MS-22 and Crew Dragon in emergency

The two cosmonauts, Sergei Prokopiev and Dmitri Petelin, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut, Frank Rubio, may be evacuated from the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft, in the one that was detected last December a leak, and from the American Crew Dragon. According to a news agency, the … Read more

Lunar Flashlight spacecraft faces technical difficulties

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight space probe, which was launched into space on December 11, 2022 bound for an orbit around the Moon, is facing unexpected technical difficulties with its propulsion system. The small ship, of the category known as SmallSat and with the size of a briefcase, cannot carry as much fuel as large ships, so … Read more

Earth-like planet discovered orbiting in its star’s habitable zone

A planet similar to Earth was discovered by NASA researchers in the TOI 700 planetary system, 101.4 light years away, which orbits within the habitable zone in relation to its star, for which reason it is suspected that it could there is liquid water on its surface. According to the US agency, thanks to the … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope detects galaxies similar to the Milky Way

A team of researchers from the University of Texas presented a new discovery made with the help of the James Webb Telescope. These are galaxies with a structure similar to ours and are located about 11 billion light years away. The identification raises new questions about the understanding of galaxy formation, since in our modern … Read more

They find a strange hybrid between dinosaur and bird

A new 120-million-year-old bird fossil from China adds to the mystery by revealing a dinosaur-like skull on a bird-like body. Furthermore, the fossil specimen, of the species that has been named Cratonavis zhui, retains a strikingly elongated scapula and first metatarsal, making it stand out from all other birds, including fossil ones. The study was … Read more

China’s best scientific achievements in 2022 revealed

The discoveries of the FAST radio telescope and the shipment of the laboratory that completed the structure of China’s space station are some of the main scientific achievements of the country during 2022. The 500 meter aperture radio telescope captured multiple pulsations in the sky and the largest atomic cloud ever seen, as it is … Read more

Learn about the mission that in 2023 will search for life on the icy moons of Jupiter

The European Space Agency (ESA) has planned the launches of scientific missions related to space exploration throughout this year, reported the RT web portal. The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) mission, which will orbit the Jupiter system, will focus especially on the study of three of its four largest icy moons, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. … Read more

NASA performs the deployment in orbit of an aquatic satellite

Two cameras on NASA’s Ocean and Surface Water Survey spacecraft captured on video over four days the in-orbit deployment of the mast and antenna panels of the spacecraft’s main science instrument. The SWOT satellite was launched into Earth orbit on December 16 with the goal of measuring the height of water on more than 90% … Read more