Broken jaw, broken bones, internal bleeding – the most brutal injury of the 2022 World Cup

Saudi Arabia produced one of the surprises of the 2022 World Cup, turning Argentina from 0:1 to 2:1to achieve victory against one of the favorites of the tournament. Unfortunately for the Arabs, they were martyred during the “albiseleste” feat. Defender Yasser Al Shahrani suffered a serious injury after being brutally kneed by goalkeeper Al Owais. … Read more

Bones found on the beach of Gaeta

Macabre discovery yesterday morning, Wednesday 23 November, on the beach at Gaeta where bones were found, presumably human. It was a passerby who, around 9.30 from the beach of Sant’Agostino, raised the alarm and brought the agents of the local police station to the scene. The remains found, according to what has been learned, were … Read more

It makes bones like steel! 3 meals a day are enough from this calcium store you have never heard of…

It is possible to take your bone health one step further by consuming these foods. WHICH NUTRIENTS ARE IMPORTANT FOR BONES AND JOINTS? You need more than a glass of milk to protect your bones and joints from the normal wear and tear that comes with aging. Getting the recommended amount of these nutrients daily … Read more

5 Foods That Are Good for Bones So They Don’t Porous Quickly

There are many types of nuts to choose from, such as walnuts, peanuts, and pecans. However, Allonen as a dietitian at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston explained, the best type of nuts are almonds. One ounce of almonds contains phosphorus and is a good source of magnesium.

Tips for strong bones – Safety Plus

From the age of thirty our bones begin to age. Almost every third woman and every fifth man is affected by bone loss. There are a few tips from the University Hospital Zurich on how to take countermeasures in good time. editorial staff – 15. November 2022 Image: Pixabay Osteoporosis is an insidious bone disease. … Read more

New ways to grow human ‘mini bones’

Main ingredients for tissue engineering To grow the ‘mini bones’, De Wildt needed four important parts. First, she needed specialized stem cells, called parental cells. Unlike pluripotent stem cells, which are cells that can become any type of cell in the body, the parent cells can only become osteoblasts or osteoclasts. De Wildt: “These parental … Read more

The bones of the mother will no longer be the same after the birth of children: what scientists have found

A new study has shown that pregnancy can leave an indelible mark on the skeleton. Scientists from New York University conducted a study of female macaques and found that after the birth of their cubs, their bones change. Although the study was not conducted on humans, we are also primates. And the results will help … Read more

FRAGILITY: A pill to strengthen muscles and bones?

Maintaining a regular exercise routine helps maintain good physical fitness and quality of life, but also maintains healthy muscles and bones. People who are unable to perform physical activity suffer from weakened muscles and bones, a condition known as locomotor frailty. This fragility can lead to sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Exercise dispels this frailty, increases muscle … Read more

Learning Biology: Knowing the Structure, Types, and Functions of Human Bones

Jakarta: Did you know Medcom, amount bone in infants more than the number of bones in adults? Babies have more than 340 bones, while adults only have 206 bones. Why is that? Because as humans grow, several bones will become one. Well, the bones in the human body are one of the constituents of the … Read more

These are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis in the Elderly That Can Weak Bones

North Sulawesi portal Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition bone so that bone more fragile and broken. Osteoporosis is known as the silent disease. The reason is because there are usually no symptoms until bone broken or one to more bone the back is fractured or broken. Read Also: Keep Bones Strong and Prevent Osteoporosis by … Read more