Apple gives rare $180,000 bonuses to some of its employees to prevent defections to Meta

Technobook event Apple has given some of its engineers big stock bonuses ranging from $50,000 to $180,000 in an effort to stave off splits toward its competitors, specifically Meta. The group includes those who work on silicon design, hardware, software suite, and select processes, according to لبلومبرغ. Several of the engineers received roughly $80,000, $100,000 … Read more

Extension of furniture and household appliances bonuses: the news for 2022

Also confirmed for 2022 (and until 2024) the cd. bonus furniture and appliances. The Government, with the approval of the Budget Law, has decided to extend the discount also for the next three years, introducing however some new features (especially starting from 2023). Let’s see, specifically, what changes. Furniture and appliances bonus, the extension arrives: … Read more

Atlantia, a new salary model at the start: bonuses and shares for all employees

Listen to the audio version of the article Atlantia launches a new remuneration model «for the full participation of employees in company challenges and results», extending to all workers «the variable incentive systems historically offered only to management». This is what is reported in a press release from the holding company that specifies how “in … Read more

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo Flooded With Year-End Bonuses

Jakarta – A number of badminton PB Djarum flooded with bonuses at the end of 2021. One of them Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo. Kevin pocketed a total bonus of Rp 500 million after achieving the best series of achievements so far this year. In addition to being one of the players who successfully brought the Thomas … Read more

All the bonuses for the home, from furniture to water: all the facilitations of the maneuver

Superbonus, ecobonus and sismabonus, façade bonuses, water and furniture bonuses and a new discount to break down architectural barriers. In 2022 they will all return the main concessions which led to a real boom in the construction sector after the pandemic. In some cases, the adjustments concern the thresholds, reduced as for the facades bonus, … Read more

Mobile bonuses, with the agreement on the Maneuver the ceiling of the discount goes back to ten thousand euros. One more year for taps

MILANO – Back to go up the spending ceiling for the mobile bonuses, tax incentives for the purchase of efficient furniture and large appliances from an energy point of view. The maneuver initially envisaged, in the version licensed almost two months ago by the CDM, a downsizing of the measure. But a partial reverse has … Read more

Bonuses, which will be extended and which will be canceled in 2022

20/28 © IPA / Photogram We also look at the extension of the recruitment bonus, exemption from 100% of the Inps contributions for employers, who hire under 36. It lasts 36 months, which become 48 in the regions of Southern Italy (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily). The exemption, up to a … Read more

Mobile bonuses, to make the most of it there is time until December 31st: how to do it

Mobile bonuses: extension until 2024 To take advantage of the bonus for the purchase of furniture and household appliances in its current form, there is time until December 31, 2021. The 2022 Budget Law, in fact, extends the concession until December 31, 2024 but with a squeeze: starting from 1 January 2022 the deductible spending … Read more