Baku reacted to the situation on the border with Armenia

Photo: Azerbaijan committed to reducing tensions in the region The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry recommended that the political and military circles of Armenia accept the reality of the regime of the interstate border. Azerbaijan is taking appropriate steps to normalize the situation on the border with Armenia. This is stated in the statement of the … Read more

There was a shootout on the border of Azerbaijan and Iran, there are dead

Photo: Two border guards died at the hands of border violators At the scene of the incident, border guards found 10 kilograms of drugs. One violator of the border was detained, two more are being searched. Three unknown persons on Saturday, May 15, violated the state border of Azerbaijan from Iran. When trying to … Read more

The United States has called on Azerbaijan to withdraw its forces from the Armenian border immediately

Azerbaijan has denied Armenia’s allegations of infiltration and said it has simply relocated border forces into its controlled areas. The United States took note of reports that Azerbaijani forces were withdrawing and called for non-stop. “The movement of forces in the disputed areas is irresponsible and unnecessarily provoked,” said State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter. “We … Read more

Denmark opens for tourists from border areas

As part of the government’s plan for reopening, a number of changes were introduced on Friday that restrict travel in and out of the country. Until now, there has been a requirement for an important purpose for everyone who wanted to enter Denmark and who lives in the EU or the Schengen area. This requirement … Read more

Invaded by travelers, the confinement post at the Puncak-Cianjur border collapsed

“Most of them were able to get to Puncak-Cianjur because through the mouse route on the Bogor-Cianjur route, since 8.00 WIB, the insulation was carried out, hundreds of our vehicles were sent home. But they returned to the queue, causing a long traffic jam from the direction of Bogor,” he said. Rifai. .

ON-LINE: 1532 have been added, the Czechia has broken the border of 100 infected per 100,000 inhabitants

13:35 – V Hungary reported 493 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection and 99 people died. There are 3282 patients with covid in the hospitals, of which 379 are connected to artificial lung ventilation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 792,879 people have been tested positive in the country and a total of 28,792 people … Read more

Every Saturday at the border. The twins have been meeting in the middle of a bridge in northern Europe for over a year

They are not separated by any barrier, only a white line on the road. “It is not allowed to cross the border. I have to be a meter behind her on my side and he has a meter behind her on his side, “explains Ola, behind whom a small Norwegian and Swedish flag is flying … Read more

A gang of three people seized … who smuggled money in dollars through a border crossing

The Army Command stated that the Intelligence Directorate referred to the competent judiciary (H.F., a Syrian nationality) for “forming a gang of three people to smuggle money in US dollars through the Buqai’a border crossing in Wadi Khaled into Syrian territory, and he was seized in possession of a large sum of money in the … Read more

Brothers divided by covid. Ola and Pontus have been meeting for a year on the Norwegian-Swedish border

Seventy-three-year-old Swedish twins Ola and Pontus Berglund have not had the opportunity to visit their homes on opposite sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border for a year due to coronavirus. Instead, the brothers meet every Saturday on the bridge that connects Norway and Sweden, provided with camping chairs, a thermos with coffee and sandwiches. Only the … Read more

Big Uproar! This Farmer Shifts The Border Of The Country As Far As 1 Km

Brussels – Original farmer Belgium stirred up the country. Because, he accidentally moved the stone state boundaries up to a kilometer. Reported CNN, a major diplomatic incident has been avoided in Europe. A Belgian farmer accidentally moved the border with French and make the country of origin larger by about 1,000 square meters. The border … Read more