Why can South Korea be ‘submerged’ if the dam on the North Korean border collapses?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — South Korea can be ‘submerged’ if the dams belong to the two countries on the border North Korea broken-down. Pyongyang previously called South Korean officials secretly opened the dam’s floodgates “send flooding” to South Korea because it was hit by heavy rains. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT The northern region of … Read more

Through the entry about the border, she was afraid for her life. Barbara Kurdej-Satan’s Tears at the Pol’and’Rock Festival

“Machines blindly following orders !!!!! F ** k !!!!!! How can you !!!!!!! My heart hurts, my whole chest hurts, I’m shaking and roaring !!!!!! ! Murderers !!!!! Do you want a government like that still ??? ” – this is how Barbara Kurdej-Satan described the Border Guard officers, who were shown in one of … Read more

US to Participate in Military Exercise Near India-China Border

China advances its retaliation after Pelosi’s trip 2:44 (CNN) — The United States will take part in a joint military exercise with India less than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the South Asian country’s disputed border with China. The military exercises will be held in mid-October at an altitude of 3,048 (10,000 feet) in Auli, … Read more

The border gap revealed another secret. According to scientists, it can be as deep as 40 km

Questionnaire How deep is the measured flooded part of Hranická Propasta? You will find the correct answer in the article. 220 meters (approximately as tall as the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague) 330 meters (about as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris) 450 meters (about as tall as the Empire State Building in New … Read more

Is it better to cross the border to buy school supplies? We compared the prices on the Belgian side and on the French side!

Published on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 07:38 Par Thomas Dimos One month before the start of the school year, it’s already time to think about it. We focus on school supplies. And thanks to our border location, there is a way to save a lot of money… The month of July is already behind … Read more

The border of Belarus is being rapidly armed – Ukraine announces the deployment of new combat systems there

“The Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are additionally deploying electronic combat systems in the directions of Voluina and Polesie, in the territories bordering Ukraine,” the summary of the General Staff reads, UNIAN reports. Electronic combat support tools search for and detect electromagnetic radiation, determine its sources in order to assess the enemy’s threat, … Read more

Several dead in UN forces’ shooting at a border post in Congo

Dakar – Reuters The United Nations peacekeeping force in the Congo announced today, Sunday, that soldiers from the intervention unit of the force, who were returning from vacation, opened fire at a border point for unknown reasons, which led to an unspecified number of deaths. “This serious incident resulted in loss of life and serious … Read more

Fires devastate the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. The firefighters’ difficult action is underway [ZDJĘCIA]

A fire in a region called Bohemian Switzerland on the Czech side and Saxon Switzerland on the German side started last weekend. It seemed to be under control but spread again early Thursday, the German news agency dpa said. Hundreds of firefighters on both sides of the border are fighting the flames with reinforcements from … Read more

Anger at the border between Belgium and France: the A2 motorway again closed by a filter dam

This diversion on the motorway had been put in place in September 2021, the date of the start of the trial for the Paris attacks, without any consultation with the local authorities, and had been lifting on July 21 before reappearing this Wednesday. “Control over the A2 at Vicq is back”, said Pierre Griner, the … Read more

Kincl’s insults? I think that’s exactly the border of trashtalk, where I try not to go, said Vémola

Source: Oktagon MMA Samuel Krištofič was the champion of the Octagon in the light heavyweight division, but Patrik Kincl took it away from him. The pirate was without a contract after this duel, which he has not yet signed anywhere. How does he see his future and what do he think of RFA? Samuel Krištofič … Read more