Family Frozen To Death | Four Indians die of cold on US-Canada border; One arrested – News18 Malayalam

Toronto: Four Indians, including a baby, have been found dead on the US-Canada border. The bodies were found on Wednesday. The tragedy occurred while trying to enter the United States illegally. The temperature here is minus 35 degrees Celsius. The bodies were found just 12 meters from the US border. Police said they have launched … Read more

Russia can stand for a long time at the border with Ukraine

– An invasion is easier to carry out while there is frost on the ground, says Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen. Ukrainian soldiers at battle positions near the line against Russian-backed rebels in Donetsk pictured on Thursday, January 20. Photo: Anna Kudriavtseva, Reuters / NTB 21. jan. 2022 20:49 Last updated just now Chief of … Read more

A.Bilotaitė: traditional border control measures are not enough

She said this on Friday after the “Border Management Conference” in Vilnius, which was attended by delegations from several dozen countries, 15 EU ministers and European Commissioner Ylva Johansson. “The situation on the eastern edge of the European Union is not a simple crisis of migrants, it is a hybrid attack organized by the Belarussian … Read more

Satellite images of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine

According to the agency descriptions where the photos were made available, the photos were taken on January 19 this year. in four locations in the west of Russia: in Jeli, Voronezh, Klińce and Klimów. Biden: Sanctions against Russia will depend on the scale of aggression A re-invasion of Ukraine will be a disaster for Russia; … Read more

Scary pictures on the border between Russia and Ukraine. This is happening now – o2

Over 100,000 soldiers have been deployed by Russia near the border with Ukraine. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke about the military movements in his speech on Wednesday. Ukraine does not want war, but Ukraine must always be ready for it. He is not afraid because he defends his land. He will not give … Read more

Concentration of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. Satellite images published | World news

Watch the video British plane unloaded with rockets for Ukraine Ukraine and Western countries are increasingly afraid of Russia’s attack. President of the USA Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that he would regret invasion. However, he suggested that the West’s response would depend on the scale of Russian aggression. More information on the home … Read more

An unpleasant incident on the Polish-Belarusian border

„Polish army the soldier was wounded by a stone hitting his head. He is in the hospital, “the service said. According to Polish border guards, on 19 January. 38 people tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally. “In the Melnik area of ​​the border guard, a group of 30 foreigners supported by the Belarusian authorities … Read more

Covid tests cause a queue of almost 2,000 trucks at the border between Argentina and Chile | World

Between 1,800 and 2,000 trucks have been stopped for two days at the border Argentina like Chile, forming long lines on the Argentine side of the Paso Cristo Redentor, the main link between the two countries, in the Andes Mountains. The “congestion” began after the Chilean government tightened its health controls on foreign drivers., requiring … Read more

Europe on the brink of war due to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict All

BRUSSELS, – “Europe is now getting closer to war since the breakup of the former Yugoslavia,” according to a clear warning from a senior diplomat European Union (EU). Talking privately to journalists BBC, the warning was delivered regarding the current tension with Moscow, with a massive military build-up on the border Ukraine. Also read: … Read more