Foreign media: Two American bombers flew towards the Russian border in the Baltic Sea, and the Su-35 fighter jets took off in an emergency | Russian fighter | strategic bomber | U.S. military_NetEase News

(Original title: Foreign media: Two American bombers flew towards the Russian border in the Baltic Sea, and Su-35 fighter jets scrambled off) [Global Network Report]According to Reuters news on the 20th, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that on the 20th, in the Baltic Sea area, two American bombers flew towards the Russian border, and … Read more

4 keys that explain the tension between Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela due to the migration crisis on the border

Writing BBC News World March 17, 2023 image source, Reuters Caption, Boric visited Chile’s northern border on Wednesday. The migratory crisis situation in the north of Chile has provoked a confrontation between the governments of Santiago and Bolivia. Chilean President, Gabriel Boricasked the governments of Bolivia and Venezuela to receive the migrants deported by the … Read more

The headquarters of the Russian border guards in Rostov-on-Don are on fire: black smoke visible for kilometers away

And fire broke out in the headquarters of border guards in Rostovcapital of the homonymous Russian province bordering on Ukraine: it is the FSB headquartersthe internal security services, at 20 via Sievers. Some witnesses cited by Telegram channels said they had heard explosion before the flames broke out.

A border guard building is on fire in Rostov-on-Don. There were explosions

Channel Shotto which Kommersant refers, said on Telegram that explosions could be heard at the site. It is said that there may be an ammunition depot in the area. Eyewitnesses sent to the local server video in which explosions can be heard. “The explosion was very loud. We heard one explosion. Acquaintances who live … Read more

Dolls, ugly gestures and other wits – a “troll war” has begun on the Belarus-Ukraine border

If the international community said about the mass invasion carried out by Russia on February 24 last year: “This is not appropriate in the 21st century!”, then the exact opposite must be said about the clashes that are taking place on the Belarus-Ukraine border. The Ukrainian side has been scaring Belarusian border guards with named … Read more

A Russian warplane has been intercepted by UK and German fighters near the NATO border

A Russian military plane has been intercepted by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and a German jet after being identified close to NATO airspace. Turn on notifications to receive updates on A Russian military plane has been intercepted by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and a German jet after being identified close to … Read more

The lifeless body of Fatma, the mother of little Nail (5 years old) found dead in the Meuse in Lixhe, discovered on the other side of the Dutch border

This Wednesday, the lifeless body of Fatma Bayram was fished out of the water in Maastricht, at the foot of the Crown Plaza hotel. In all likelihood, it is indeed the body of the mother of little Nail who, meanwhile, was fished out at the end of February near the Lixhe dam. However, dental analyzes … Read more

Fatma Bayram who disappeared without a trace with her 5-year-old son, found dead at the Dutch border

The 38-year-old woman, who disappeared a month ago in Oupeye following an argument with her husband, was found dead on the other side of the Dutch border, relays the Nieuwsblad. A month ago, 38-year-old Fatma Bayram suddenly disappeared after an argument with her husband. The latter, worried, had contacted the police station to report the … Read more

the B-52 bomber scares Moscow at the border – Il Tempo

A flight across the border with Russia that does nothing but raise the tension between Moscow and the United States. Yesterday, reports Repubblica, an American B-52 bomber flew over the skies of the Baltic countries allied with NATO, reaching as far as the gulf in front of St. Petersburg, skimming over the Russian air traffic … Read more

Polish-Belarusian border. 15 people tried to get to Poland by dinghy

A group of 15 people crossed the river from Belarus to Poland using a pontoon. The Border Guard reports that the Belarusian services constantly drive foreigners to the border and show them the place to cross it. The video shows the cars of local officers standing near the border with Poland. 15 people crossed the … Read more