Borderlands 3 PC Version FREE on the Epic Games Store! • Universe Play

There are so many PC gamers out there, that despite whatever strategy Epic Games has put in place with their main storefront, they are still reluctant to turn away from Steam. The good news? On the other hand, Epic Games itself is also not easy to give up. The ambitions they set for the past … Read more

Free games: Epic Games gives away Borderlands 3 and a surprise title will be released in June | video games | EpicGames | Download | Download | SPORT-PLAY

Epic Games It maintains the strategy that has brought it new audiences in recent years. Through its virtual PC store, the company gives away games to the entire community every week. In this way, it seeks to compete against giants in the field such as Steam or G2A. Well, until May 26 you can acquire … Read more

Free Games of the Weekend: Call of Duty Vanguard, Borderlands 3, State of Decay 2 and more

Like every weekend from May 20 to 23 There are a number of promotions available at PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC what are they going to allow us play free, both with zero-cost trials for a limited time, which allow us to access the full versions of certain games without paying, … Read more

Borderlands 3 for free from the Epic Games Store. There hasn’t been such a good offer for a long time

Every week the Epic Games Store surprises us with more free productions available for collection. This time it must be admitted that they were not idle. Borderlands 3 is a great position. Already a few hours before the official information, the first rumors of a free game appeared on the web Borderlands 3. Epic Games … Read more

Borderlands 3 is getting full cross-play later this spring

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Borderlands 3 gets full cross-play later this spring”/> Gearbox has confirmed that full cross-play will be available “later this spring”. Borderlands 3 (to our test) comes. With all Borderlands 3 spielen While the update didn’t confirm a specific launch date, there will be welcome news for Borderlands-Be fans on PlayStation consoles. Because they … Read more

Unofficial VR version of Ring of Eldon, first-person view of the borderlands | 4Gamers

For a more in-depth experience of the world of Elden Ring, designers are now working on an unofficial VR version that will give players a closer look at the junction. Although “Ayrden’s Ring” is already a third-person perspective, the VR version is designed to allow players to experience it from a first-person perspective. VR module … Read more

Borderlands 3 for PlayStation to add cross-connect support this spring

Borderlands 3 in derivative“Little Tina’s Wonderland”(Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands) officially promised PlayStation version after becoming the first game in the Borderlands series to open up all platformsBorderlands 3Cross-play support has now finally been confirmed with an approximate launch date. Later this spring, players on PS5 and PS4 will be able to play along with players on … Read more

Randy Pitchford confirms new Tales from the Borderlands

At PAX East, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced that the company is working on a new Tales from the Borderlands, due out sometime this year. We don’t know much about the game. No trailer has been shown and very little is said. The only thing we know for sure is that the game tells a … Read more

Announced action RPG Superfuse with bright cartoonish graphics in the spirit of Borderlands

Independent studio Stitch Heads and publishing house Raw Fury announced a futuristic role-playing action Superfuse. The plot is rather banal – the action takes place in the future, where mankind, having exhausted the earth’s resources, went in search of a new life on neighboring planets. The corporate elite, settled in a new place, imagined themselves … Read more

Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gets crossplay across all platforms – Gaming – News

Jack in BL2 was evil but charming and funny. The bad guys (Calypso Twins) in BL3 are annoying, nothing more. They are not smart, have no interesting dialogue, there is no relationship between the ‘heroes’ and the Calypso Twins, they are very predictable and again, so annoying. Ugh, it still makes me cringe just thinking … Read more