Borrell and Santos Silva deplore Russia’s “obscene” attack on Guterres

Speaking to the press at the end of an extraordinary meeting of EU diplomacy heads, at which a second package of sanctions was adopted against Moscow for the military aggression against Ukraine, Santos Silva insisted on “expressing Portugal’s solidarity with the United Nations”. and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who has in recent hours … Read more

Borrell: No talks on Ukraine while Russia exerts pressure

“Russia [karspēka] The relocation is part of the pressure, “Borrell told reporters ahead of the meeting of EU defense and foreign ministers, insisting that” there must be no pressure to negotiate. “ The informal meeting takes place shortly after intense talks between US and Russian officials in Geneva on Monday, during which no agreement was … Read more

Mr Borrell has accused Russia of ignoring the EU’s debate on European security

“Apart from Ukraine, the entire European security architecture is at stake. The Russian government, by deliberately removing references to the EU from the “draft treaties” presented last December, appears to be turning the clock back and back to the old logic of the Cold War, “Borrell wrote on his blog on Sunday. “We need to … Read more

EU Foreign Minister Borrell to visit war-torn Donbass region / Article

Joseph Borrell will arrive in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on Tuesday to meet with the country’s top officials to confirm the EU’s support for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the European Commission said. During his visit, Borrell, together with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleb, is expected to travel to the Donbass region, where … Read more

Borrell promises full EU support for Ukraine during Donbass visit / Article

Borrell to the Luhansk region went by plane and was accompanied by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba and other officials. A joint press conference was held after a checkpoint visit during which Borrell spoke to the soldiers. The bloc’s foreign spokesman emphasized that he had come to show the EU’s full support for Ukraine’s independence, … Read more

The form of the EU’s dialogue with Russia is unacceptable

This is a reaction to the interview of the head of EU diplomacy Josepa Borrella for Die Welt, in which he rejected Russia’s proposals for security guarantees as “unacceptable” and warned that negotiations on them could not take place without the participation of the European Union. “The form of Mr Borrell’s claims against us and … Read more

Borrell spoke out strongly about Russia: it is absurd

The United States will meet with Russia in early January to discuss growing tensions over Ukraine. In response to a statement issued on Monday, EU foreign affairs spokesman Borrell is calling for Brussels to be included in the talks. The European Union cannot remain an indifferent observer, it must take part in the planned US-Russia … Read more

Borrell warned Russia of an attack on Ukraine

In support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, we are ready to “use all available instruments,” Borrell said in a joint news conference with German politicians on Thursday. According to him, the possibilities to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience are also assessed. The EU is discussing, among other things, the deployment of military instructors in Ukraine. A … Read more