Viral Painting Driver Brigadier J Victim of the Boss’s Cruelty in the Truck, Netizens Salute: Indonesia Remembers You

SuaraCianjur,id- Indonesian society is being shocked by the case premeditated murder to Brigadier J. The main perpetrator is his own superior, namely Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo. The case is still ongoing. Many have questioned the motive behind the murder. There are allegations that Brigadier J was killed for sexually harassing the wife of … Read more

Hugo Boss’s second quarter profit more than doubled | Business

The company reported that it had counted 58 million. net profit of EUR 25 million in April-June. euros higher than a year ago. Sales revenue, adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations, grew by 34 percent. up to 878 million euros. The report notes that one of the factors that led to the growth was the implementation … Read more

Wow! RI’s CPO stock is still 7 million, this is the palm oil boss’s suggestion

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s crude palm oil stock is predicted to remain high. The reason is, the export rate is still not as high as expected despite the acceleration program (flush out) and the temporary abolition of export levies (PE BPDPKS). As of May 2022, the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) released the final … Read more

He married the boss’s daughter, defeated legends, survived a heart problem, and now he’s writing the future of wrestling

“Don’t waste time, pack a duffel bag and head to the ER. I’ll explain the details along the way.” This is the message that the wrestler Paul Leveque, known in our country by the nickname The Three Hicks (in the original: Triple H), received on his phone from one of his doctors at the beginning … Read more

Amazing, Israeli female warden admits to being her boss’s sex slave

loading… Gilboa Prison, Israel. It was at this facility that a former female warden admitted to being made a sex slave by her superiors. Photo/REUTERS TEL AVIV – A female warden Israel make a confession online that he was forced to work as a sex boy by his superiors. He was also “feeded” several times … Read more

Clove Boss’s Giant Arapaima Fish in Garut Raised Since He Was Small

Garut – Three types of giant fish arapaima gigas found by residents during the flood in Garut is known to belong to a clove boss. Before running away in the flood, the giant fish was kept since childhood. The owner of the three giant fish is known to be a boss of a clove processing … Read more

Dataminer showed exactly how Radan falls on the player with a meteorite in Elden Ring – the boss’s skinny horse plays an important role

One of the most spectacular attacks in an action RPG takes place with the direct participation of a horse named Leonard. {“id”:1249162,”type”:”num”,”link”:” igroka-meteoritom-v-elden-ring-vazhnuyu-rol-vypolnyaet-toshchiy-kon-bossa”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:64,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1249162,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1249162,”gtm”:null} 20 299 views Dataminer under the nickname Zullie the Witch released a video in which she showed exactly what happens to Radan, when during the battle he first flies into the … Read more

Nokia Boss’s Statement When Acquired by Microsoft Makes You Shake

Jakarta – Stephen Elop had issued a controversial statement that made me shake during the announcement press conference Nokia acquired by Microsoft in 2013. This statement will always be remembered today when you follow the flashbacks of Nokia’s business journey. “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we failed,” he said. Nokia was a leader … Read more

Certainty of PSM Makassar’s New Players Triggers Juku Spell Boss’s Reaction, Sentil Bernardo Tavares Ahead of the AFC Cup

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – ahead of AFC Cup 2022 (AFC Cup 2022) which is scheduled to be held on 24 June. Temporary Liga 1 2022/2023 is planned to start July 27. PSM Makassar continue to be a concern. Bos PSM Makassar react, plan Juku Eja to recruit 2 explayers Indonesian National team U-19 depends on coach’s agreement Bernardo Tavares. This was … Read more

‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ Honey J, 2022 Holi Bang promotion video choreography practice public

[스페셜타임스 정시환 기자] Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company. This news is related to the release of ‘The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey’s Ears’ Honey J, 2022 Holy Bang Promotion Video Choreography Practice. Why did Honey J turn into a poisonous wasp boss? On the 13th, KBS 2TV’s … Read more