This bracelet promises sensory experiences in the metaverse

If we talk about physical and virtual integration, we cannot stop commenting on the devices –in addition to VR glasses– that will allow a unique experience when we interact with digital universes. If you already work for a glove and a jacket, this bracelet also promises sensory experiences in the metaverse. A Japanese startup called … Read more

There are some details about the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 7

This year, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 fitness bracelet should debut, information about which has already appeared on the Web. The potential novelty has already passed several certifications, thanks to which the device gradually began to acquire details. It turned out that Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is equipped with a 250 mAh battery, which … Read more

BMCI and Visa launch the first NFC Bracelet

BMCI launches, in partnership with Visa, world leader in digital payments, the first NFC wristband, thus offering their customers a secure method of payment at the turn of the wrist. “We are happy to bring this next-generation product to Morocco in partnership with BMCI. With the NFC wristband, VISA continues to simplify life by offering … Read more

Recognize the Symptoms of Worms in Children by Type of Worms, There are Tapeworms and Bracelet Worms – All Pages

Freepik Recognize now, here are some symptoms of intestinal worms in children based on the type of worms. – Here are some symptoms worms in children based on kind of worm. Worms are one of the infectious diseases that generally often attack children, to be precise at the age of about 5-10 years. Usually, … Read more

Treat yourself to the latest Honor 50 + the Honor Band 6 connected bracelet at an indecent price!

A pack that includes the HONOR 50 smartphone + the HONOR Band 6 connected bracelet at a completely crazy price, who says better? The Honor 50 is one of the latest smartphones from the brand, and to mark the occasion, the manufacturer did not go on the back of the spoon by designing a smartphone … Read more

This complete connected bracelet from Xiaomi is cheaper during the sales

The Redmi Smart Band Pro is the new connected bracelet from Xiaomi. With its larger screen, its more complete sports and health monitoring, it has something to please. Even more so when the latter is on sale on the brand’s official store. Xiaomi has unveiled a new connected bracelet: Redmi Smart Band Pro. This model … Read more

Under a bracelet and without a driver’s license, a driver already known to justice hits a cyclist

It is a particularly well-known defendant of the prosecution and justice who was to appear this morning before the 11th chamber of the Charleroi criminal court. But at 10:25 a.m., no trace of Bruno in the courtroom. The prosecution therefore requested default against him. Already known for stories related to narcotics, Bruno is once again … Read more

Rome, the anti-stalker bracelet rings and she has her ex-boyfriend arrested

In Rome, a woman victim of violence was saved thanks to the anti-stalker bracelet and her former partner, 33, was arrested. Some time ago, the woman had reported being a victim of violence and her ex-partner had been put on an electronic bracelet. The story Now the 37-year-old woman, who always carries with her the … Read more

OPPO bracelet to receive 2022 healthy and active

Start the new year by setting the right fitness goals, and prepare to achieve and surpass them with the OPPO bracelet “OPPO Band” which features a screen AMOLED With a size of 1.1 inches, and the feature of continuous monitoring of the level of oxygen in the blood SpO2Real-time heart rate monitoring, 12 different workout … Read more

Balenciaga bracelet new design! Netizens tease like household items | Thaiger Thai News

The latest Balanciaga luxury brand bracelet with a unique design. Netizens parade! The price touches three thousand, but the shape is similar. rubber strap 5 Jan. 65, the world’s leading brand name “Balenciaga” has launched a new collection of products, one of which makes a lot of buzz is the silver brass bracelet Tool cut-out … Read more