Make a Gambot of the Yamaha NMAX Legs, Here’s a List of Choices of Tire Brands, Sizes and Prices of NMAX Tires

Rudy Hansend Motorcycle tire ring 13 for Yamaha NMAX – Make Yamaha NMAX Legs, Here are Options Tire Brand Size and Price. Replace ban motor standard with a wider size or gambot becomes one of the tricks in modifying the motor. With a larger tire size, of course, makes the appearance of the motorbike … Read more

PDI discovered a factory that produced imitation products from big brands

The PDI discovered a gang dedicated to manufacture and market imitation products of big brands that worked in premises and in a warehouse in the Meiggs neighborhood, after an investigation in coordination with the Public Ministry. Christian Ramirezhead of the Intellectual Property Crimes Investigation Brigade, explained that “a voluntary entry and search was carried out … Read more

Tesla also releases the first superchargers in Switzerland for third-party brands

Higher costs for third-party brands Tesla releases superchargers for all electric cars With over 35,000 superchargers, Tesla says it operates the largest fast charging network in the world. The US company is now releasing the first stations for e-cars from other brands – also in Switzerland. However, the fees are higher than for Tesla drivers. … Read more

Apple is the number one destination for converts from other brands

date of publication: June 17 2022 13:24 GMT Update date: Jun 17 2022 15:35 GMT Despite the strong competition between many mobile phone manufacturers, Apple has managed to secure a niche for itself as the number one smartphone provider in the world, and it still occupies the largest share in the smartphone industry. Thanks in … Read more

“I like to have a little money”: some brands refuse payment in cash, is this practice legal?

You may have already experienced it: in some stores, if you hand over a banknote to pay your bill, you will be refused it, explaining to you that “here, we only accept bank cards”. But is this refusal really legal? Chloé is a mother from Liège. Recently, she was surprised by the refusal of the … Read more

Electric car sales soar 78%! What are the best selling brands?

Anyone who follows the automotive segment knows that the sale of electric cars has been growing substantially. Leveraged by fuel prices, but also by the concept of electric mobility and government support, the sale of electric cars in Portugal soared by almost 78%. Find out which electric cars sell the most in Portugal. ACAP: Sales … Read more

Profeco reveals brands that sell quality milk in Mexico

The Profeco revealed the milk brands that do not sell a quality product. This in an analysis of 17 dairy brands sold in the country. The foregoing as part of their product inspections at the National Consumer Protection Laboratory. The results, published in the Consumer Magazineindicate that many of the brands that sell “milk”, what … Read more

vivo joins hands with Shopee to organize 6.6 Greatest Brands Celebration campaign, discount up to 50% with discount code up to 2,000 baht

I live Thailand together with Shopee E-commerce platform leader Organize a mid-year campaign on June 6, 65, offering discounts and promotions to customers. There will be a 50% discount, a discount code of 2, a discount of up to 966 baht, including a 1,000 baht discount code from Shopee for vivo fans to shop at … Read more

Fanty Fancy site, McDonald’s site Cheerful and tasty. Russia is replacing runaway brands

World brands are losing assets in Russia, and Russians are dealing with it in their own way. They don’t bother much with intellectual property. Copies of Coca-Cola or Fanta, for example, appear on the shelves. They also rename the McDonald’s chain, and proposals from the new owner are already in the office. While President Vladimir … Read more