“They try to hide and I don’t like it”: this is how brands manage to sell you less products… at the same price

In the midst of rising prices, brands are taking advantage of this to reduce the container of their product. The practice is not new but it is certainly not illegal. The consumer protection association, Test Achats, denounces a lack of transparency. On the shelves, it may escape you. But on closer inspection, the weight of … Read more

More than 20 Israeli date brands flood the world, Muslims call for a boycott

Muslims in France have called for a boycott of Israeli dates during Ramadan. Photo/samidoun.net WEST BANK – As many as 75% of Medjoul dates around the world that are marketed as “Israeli products”, are grown on Palestinian land stolen by the Zionists. Of these, most of the dates are grown in illegal Israeli settlements in … Read more

Only “sufficient” – stay away from these well-known brands

Heidelberg24 consumer Purchasing & testing Created: 03/14/2023 12:31 p.m Von: Josephine Lenz Split Stiftung Warentest takes a close look at 20 detergents. From branded products to cheap alternatives, everything is represented. The result of liquid and powder detergents for colored laundry: Stiftung Warentest examines 20 color detergents, seven of which are powder detergents and 13 … Read more

The Munich flop showed years ago that people want sharp cars on brands, but they don’t buy them

The Munich flop showed years ago that people want sharp cars on brands, but they don’t buy them 12.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: BMW Almost every enthusiast will tell you that the best cars are competition specials that have been modified for road use. Monsters of Group B, homologation specials from Le Mans… Today … Read more

Luxury the big brands in the center of Turin: Gucci Vuitton Hermes Saint Laurent

The passage of the Galleria Subalpina to an American fund is only an open window on the transformation of commerce in the centre. The physiognomy of the city has changed a lot, following a trend that increasingly pushes the big brands to colonize the shopping streets. It happened sooner than elsewhere in via Roma, especially … Read more

Poland opens up new business opportunities for the brands of the Baltic region

About five years ago, Polish companies and brands, among them “Sizeer”, “CCC”, “4F”, “Sinsay”, actively expanded their activities in the market of the Baltic countries. Now is the right time to take a response step – for Baltic brands to expand their activities in Poland. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This market is … Read more

Post Office Shopping, promoting excellent local brands… Yesan-gun special exhibition

Postal Shopping is starting to sell excellent local brand products online at low prices. According to the Korea Post on the 6th, it announced that it would prepare a special exhibition for the Yesan-gun brand in Chungcheongnam-do from today. The intention is to reduce the expected decline in sales as some stores on ‘Baek Jong-won … Read more

Chinese Companies Fill the Gap Left by Western Brands in Russia

Chinese brands have successfully filled the gap left by Western companies due to sanctions related to Ukraine. Photo/Sputnik JAKARTA – Russia-China economic cooperation developed rapidly in recent months. According to Russian Ambassador to Beijing Igor Morgulov, China has good prospects for further expansion in the Russian market. According to Morgulov, Chinese companies are actively filling … Read more

Best Mobile Phone Recommendations for 2023 Starting with a Budget of 1-4 Million, New Brands Are Not Less Competitive!

AYOJAKARTA.COM – A cellphone is a communication tool that certainly cannot be separated from every time and human activity, the best cellphone recommendations below are worth a peek at. The reason is not just to communicate, through mobile phones we can access various information needed to support all life activities. Not only for communication and … Read more

UAF also sent a request to Joma about the brand’s cooperation with Zenit

UAF followed the example of the official distributor of “Joma” in Ukraine and sent a request to the main office of this company with a request regarding the cooperation of the brand with the Russian “Zenith”. “The position of UAF Marketing regarding the use by the clubs of the terrorist country of the form of … Read more