Video – Richarlison’s goal is one of the great and beautiful goals in Brazil’s rich history

Brazil beat Serbia this evening through the brilliant player Richarlison, who led a fearsome four-way attack, scoring in the 62nd minute after Serbian goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic saved a deflected shot from Vinicius Junior after a great performance from Neymar.Richarlison’s second goal equaled some of the great and beautiful goals in Brazil’s rich history. After a … Read more

Ronaldo criticizes Brazil’s World Cup list. What is the reason?

That is why Brazilian football legend Ronaldo criticized the “Seleção” list for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which was announced by coach Tite. Brazilian football legend Ronaldo (Reuters) Brazilian football legend Ronaldo expressed his regret that the Seleção coach Tite did not include the promising 16-year-old Andrick in his List of players for the … Read more

BMW 3 Series: what changes and how much it costs Brazil’s best-selling luxury car – 11/01/2022

Launched in the Brazilian market in 2019, the new generation of the 3 Series won a mid-life update. Changed details in the look and in the cabin. However, for now, only the 320i version is available, which is assembled in Araquari (SC). Option 330, which will be imported (from Europe), hits the Brazilian market in … Read more

WORLD CUP – The curse of FIFA Ranking 1 hinders Brazil’s determination

DAMIEN MEYER/AFP The Brazilian national team players celebrate Marquinhos’ goal against the Ghana national team in a friendly match at Oceane Stadium, Friday (23/9/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – The determination of the Brazilian national team to win 2022 World Cup must be blocked by the curse of rank one FIFA which they wear. First stage FIFA ahead … Read more

[Warm-up match]Neymar assists Richarlison twice in Brazil’s 3-0 win over Ghana

Sports Weekly All Media Reporter Chang Shan Brazil beat Ghana 3-0. Marquinhos opened the scoring and Neymar assisted Richarlison to score twice. Andre Ayou frieze. ■ Warm-up (Le Havre, France) Brazil 3-0 Ghana (9′ Marchinhos, 28′, 40′ Richarlison) 9′ Rafinha takes a corner kick from the right, Marchinhos heads in, 1-0. 15′ Vinicius makes a … Read more

Who is Brazil’s All-Time Top Scorer? Pele, Neymar, Ronaldo & the Most Deadly Selecao Strikers

One of the deadliest strikers of the 80s and early 90s, Bebeto featured for Brazil in three World Cups between 1990 and 1998. He peaked at the 1994 World Cup and was one of the competition’s best players that year, scoring three goals and providing two assist to finally become a champion. The striker repeated … Read more

Brazil’s economy grows more than rich countries in the 2nd quarter – News

As growth of 1.2% in the second quarter As of 2022, the progress of the Brazilian economy has surpassed that of countries that make up the group of seven richest nations, such as Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) — sum of all goods and … Read more

The Lonely Man Dies, Brazil’s Indigenous Tribe Is Extinct

Jakarta – The man who was dubbed the ‘loneliest man in the world’ has finally died. He is the last member Brazilian native who live in the interior of the Amazon. The man, who has never been identified, has lived in isolation for the past 26 years. He lives in the traditional forest of Tanaru. … Read more