26 Million Police Documents Allegedly Leaked in Hacker Forum

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — One of the users dark site claimed to have leaked data from Polda Metro Jaya. However, a given sample can be found freely in site share Scribd documents. A user named Meki uploaded a thread or thread entitled ’26M DATABASE NATIONAL POLICE IDENTITY OF INDONESIA REPUBLIC’ featuring the large logo of … Read more

How Sophisticated Are Madiun Youth Cell Phones Suspected of Bjorka’s Helper?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Youth from Madiun, East Java, MAH (21) with cellphones to help data leakers Bjorka by selling the Bjorkanesian Telegram channel. How advanced is the phone? MAH’s supervisor at work, Zeda Dwi Hersanto, said that the cellphone owned by MAH was the Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro, which was purchased at a … Read more

3 Bjorka Challengers Apart from the Government, Track Transactions to Give Info

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Dark forum users Bjorka which emerged two months ago succeeded in stealing public sympathy through the actions of leaking data and sharp criticism of the Government of Indonesia. However, there are still those who try to track him down to make people aware that his actions are detrimental. He initially appeared … Read more

Who is Responsible for Managing Data Leaks Like the Bjorka Case?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The throwing of responsibilities between institutions is seen in a number of incidents cyber security especially those triggered by Bjorka. Who should be at the forefront of dealing with attacks in cyberspace? The phenomenon of ‘throwing the ball’ is seen especially when there is an incident of leakage of 1.3 billion … Read more

PLN Data Leaking Hacker Site Unregistered PSE, Kominfo Will Block

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate claimed to be blocking the forum site for hacker data following the alleged data leak of 17 million data customers PLN. “Yes, if for example there is [dan] not registered yes blocked. You have to block it too, don’t let it you registered … Read more