Several countries complain about delays in the delivery of Sputnik V vaccine. Russia blamed for breaching treaties – Abroad – News

At the beginning of the year, Russia reported that it would be able to supply vaccines to 700 million people outside Russia. However, six months later, many developing countries have received only a fraction of the vaccines they have paid for. For example, Iran, which has a high prevalence of Covid-19, ordered 60 million doses … Read more

Victoria, Victoria, is imposing severe penalties for breaching quarantine

Australia, considered an example of a successful fight against coronavirus, is now doing its best to slow the spread of the disease in Victoria and prevent a second wave of the epidemic in the country. A few days ago, therefore, it introduced a night curfew, tightened restrictions on movement and ordered the closure of a … Read more

Police intervene with several businesses for breaching the Executive Order

As part of the Initiatives aimed at compliance with Executive Order 2020-057, during the afternoon and evening hours of yesterday, July 25, 2020, the police carried out multiple interventions in various businesses in the towns of Utuado and Jayuya where the following result: 1. Bello Amanecer business located on Guillermo Estévez street in Jayuya. A … Read more