The strategically important Antonivka bridge was damaged again in the Ukrainian missile strike

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix/LETA The strategically important Antonivka bridge on the outskirts of Russian-occupied Kherson was once again damaged by a Ukrainian missile strike, a Ukrainian official announced on Monday. “According to preliminary information, the bridge is seriously damaged,” Yuriy Sobolevsky, deputy chairman of the Kherson District Council, wrote on the Telegram messaging platform. The 1.4-kilometer long … Read more

The Ukrainian army hit the Antonovsky bridge, destroyed the equipment for its repair

The Ukrainian army has successfully struck the Antonovsky road bridge across the Dnieper River on the outskirts of Kherson, eyewitnesses who posted video and photos of the attack reported on social networks. Ukrainian forces fired at the bridge with HIMARS, Russian sources said, confirming the casualties. The spokeswoman of the united press center of VSU, … Read more

CURRENT ON THE FRONT ⟩ Strategically important Kherson bridge damaged again by Ukrainian missile strike – Abroad – News – TVNET

“According to preliminary information, the bridge is seriously damaged,” Yuriy Sobolevsky, deputy chairman of the Kherson District Council, wrote on the Telegram messaging platform. The 1.4-kilometer long Antonivka bridge on the outskirts of Kherson, which connects the city-village of Antonivka, which is administratively subordinate to Kherson, with the city of Oleshki, was important for the … Read more

Well-known window operator in The Hague stops: ‘I was the bridge for all those girls’

Patricia has been a familiar face in Doubletstraat for more than twenty years, which she says is ‘the nicest prostitution street in the Netherlands’. In that time she has assisted and helped many sex workers. “They didn’t trust the police, nobody at all. I was the bridge between all those girls and the doctor, Spot … Read more

The longest wooden bridge burned down. A priceless fortune is gone

Built more than 900 years ago, the longest wooden bridge in China completely collapsed as a result of a fire, TASS reported, citing the Shanghai information resource “Punpai”. The ancient structure is located in the eastern province of Fujian. The fire was completely extinguished, no one was injured in the incident. The reasons for the … Read more

To God in the Queen’s Bridge. Those who did not manage to attend the casting of the film can apply for extras by e-mail

I want an adventure. See how movies are made. The more that it is a continuation of the series “U Pana Boga …” and I like it very much – smiles Przemysław Łapiński. He came to the casting in Tykocin with the whole family. Similar meetings were also held on Saturday in Sokółka and Supraśl. … Read more

Viral Video Brothers and Sisters Live Under the Bridge after Mother Dies and Father Marries Again

This Malaysian brother and sister live under a bridge after their mother died and their father decided to remarry. [Facebook] “It hurts even more when they sleep with only a thin mattress and clothes to cover the sharp stones.” – These two brothers suddenly went viral on the social media of neighboring countries and … Read more

Report on the sunk Pierre-Laporte bridge to the media: the MTQ launches an investigation

Quebec commissioned an outside firm to find out why a report showing the significant wear and tear on the suspension lines of the Pierre-Laporte bridge ended up in the media rather than on the office of the Minister of Transport. • Read also: Emergency contract for work on the Pierre-Laporte bridge The Ministère des Transports … Read more

The Russians are getting ready to defend the bridge. You can see it in the pictures

Satellite images indicate that the Russians deployed radar reflectors on the river to protect their key Antonov Bridge near Kherson. In this way, the occupiers are most likely trying to confuse Ukrainian missiles by targeting false targets. Reflectors are designed to increase the detectability of the object by radars. So the Russians probably expect that … Read more

Rotterdam refuses to dismantle the bridge to allow Jeff Bezos’ yacht to pass: “Money does not buy the right to dismantle a national monument”

Not everything can be had with money. It is the lesson that the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, it gave a Jeff Bezos. The local administration has in fact rejected the request of the shipping company Oceanco to dismantle the historic De Hef bridge to allow the passage of the brand new megayacht from … Read more