After the Chancellor’s visit, new information about German soldiers in Lithuania: NATO brigades will have to wait

Brigade in Lithuania or Germany? The Baltic states are seeking to expand the NATO battalions deployed in them into brigades. The NATO Military Committee has already expressed its support for such an ideaand a final decision could be taken at the Madrid summit in late June. Without waiting for the NATO summit to be held … Read more

There are plenty of brigades, but less interest. At the same time, companies are offering more money than before

The requirements of companies and the interest of temporary workers have long passed. While the demand for part-time and seasonal workers is greatest in production and warehouses, in Prague companies are also looking for people interested in courier services and fast food, candidates are most interested in working in the office. The most attractive for … Read more

Tg2, the star of the Red Brigades drawn in a Rai- lift

The Br symbol was found engraved inside an elevator in the building in Saxa Rubra. Digos investigation and bipartisan solidarity with the director Gennaro Sangiuliano A five-pointed star, along the lines of the symbol of the Red Brigades, was found engraved inside an elevator of the building that houses the editorial staff of the Tg2, … Read more

Change in the brigades… The summary of episode 8

Pressure, shot, cromesquis and laser cooking are back for the new season of Top chef. The thirteenth edition of the culinary competition of M6 no longer rely on “boldness” or “creativity” as in previous years, but quite simply on the radical side from the universe of its candidates and its trials to bring forth the … Read more

“Pro-Russian Brigades from Bulgaria”, hell is feared at the Olimpico – Libero Quotidiano

Maximum alert in view of the derby this afternoon between Rome and Lazio, scheduled at the Olimpico. In fact, the Bulgarian ultras of Levski Sofia, historically pro-Russian, are arriving in the capital. There is high concern from the authorities: unrest could occur inside and outside the stadium (capacity is 57%). The ultras of Levski Sofiaas … Read more

In Lima, Peru, brigades vaccinate against COVID-19 at night

A brigade of nurses travels the streets of the neighborhoods of Lima Peru, to vaccinate against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to workers, housewives, older adults and children who, for various reasons, cannot go to do it during the day. The measures have been well received by the population; these are their reactions: “I didn’t have time … Read more

“Hiring 500 brigades and strengthening night presence”

Hire 500 ‘cast iron’ and strengthen their work in the night time slot. These are the objectives confirmed by the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala regarding the future of the local police. The local police celebrate 161 years: the annual toll “It’s not the easiest thing in the world”, admitted the mayor about hiring hundreds … Read more