Brio Evicted from Top of Best-Selling Cars, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Honda Brio was displaced from the top of the best-selling car in April 2023. In fact, the first few months of 2023, the Honda Brio has always been the best-selling car in Indonesia. What happened until Brio was evicted? Car sales in April 2023 did drop due to fewer working days related to … Read more

Goodbye Agya, Brio and Ayla, Suzuki Celerio 2023 Ready to Become the New King in the LCGC Class

Goodbye Agya, Brio and Ayla, Suzuki Celerio 2023 Ready to Become the New King in the LCGC Class SUMEKS.CO – It’s time Suzuki Cerelio 2023 become the new king in the low cost green car (LCGC) class. So, goodbye Agya, Honda Brio and Ayla will be the only choices. Naturally, the Suzuki Cerelio 2023 competitor … Read more

Honda Brio, Agya, Ayla, the lowest position falls on the practicality of used cars? – Wait, who won the practicality of used cars between Honda Brio, Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla? Read it to the end. In the used car market (mobkas), 5 seater LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) compact cars are dominated by Honda Brio, Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla. LCGC cars are cars launched by the … Read more

LCGC Cars Closer to IDR 200 Million, Here Are the Latest Prices for Honda Brio, Agya and Ayla

Jakarta – The Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) is getting closer to the price of IDR 200 million. The newest Honda Brio, which has undergone a facelift, is lined up to become the most expensive cheap environmentally friendly car when compared to models in its class, such as the Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. The … Read more

Avanza Move! This is the current king of the cars of a million Indonesian people

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s automotive industry is one of the most dynamic industries. However, there are two big names that have never been separated from the top list of best-selling cars, namely Honda Brio and Toyota Avanza. But in February, Avanza had to admit the superiority of Brio. Where, this tiny car, again became … Read more

Regarding the used version, the market for the Honda Brio is more appreciated than the Toyota Agya – Toyota Agya and Honda Brio are now competing in the same segment. After the non-LCGC (GR Sport) Toyota Agya launched to tackle the Honda Brio RS. In terms of price, the Toyota Agya is priced starting at IDR 167.9 million to IDR 253.5 million on the road (OTR) DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, Honda Brio … Read more

Cheaper than Brio RS, Peek at the Lowest Type of Wuling Alvez Specifications

JAKARTA, – Wuling officially markets Alvez, which is its newest product in the compact SUV segment. You could say this car comes with quite a lot of capital to tempt the market. Not just the appearance, the comfort of the cabin, as well as the luxury of the technology and features that are presented, … Read more

New Toyota New Agya engine challenges Honda Brio, 3 cylinders vs 4 cylinders – Toyota New Agya comes with a new engine ready to challenge the Honda Brio. Interestingly, this duel is between a 3-cylinder vs 4-cylinder engine. Because the latest Agya left the 4-cylinder 1,197 cc 3NR-VE engine, for a 3-cylinder 1,198 cc WA-VE like the Raize 1.2. This machine is capable of producing 87 hp … Read more

Brio and Agya Markets are Threatened! Wuling Baojun 310 Brings Tempting Specifications, Cheapest Price in LCGC Class

SEMARANG, AYOSEMARANG.COM — Class LCGC arrival mobil new Wuling Baojun 310 which have specification best in class. Wuling Baojun 310 was also widely discussed in various media because of its superiority. Is known, Wuling Baojun 310 it is superior to its rivals in the class LCGC. Read Also: The Cheapest! SEGINI Price for Suzuki Celerio … Read more