Boris Johnson, Coronavirus | British newspaper: Employees held regular Friday parties in Downing Street

The newspaper writes, among other things, that the employees bought a special wine refrigerator in connection with the gatherings, which is referred to as “Wine Time Friday’s”. Also read: New revelations: Attached in Downing Street before Prince Philips’ funeral The Prime Minister himself is said to have regularly visited the parties, and he is said … Read more

The British government apologizes to the Queen for the party on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral

The British government apologized to Queen Elizabeth II on Friday on the eve of the funeral of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s staff at Downing Street’s residence on the eve of the epidemic’s ban on the country. “We deeply regret that this happened during the national mourning and [Dauningstrītas] House 10 has apologized to the castle, … Read more

A British start-up carries out a test flight of its new futuristic flying car, designed for trips within the city (VIDEO)

Published: 14 ene 2022 15:15 GMT The electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle promises a “hidden propulsion system”, a compact profile and being environmentally friendly. The London-based start-up Bellwether Industries has published images of the first unmanned flight of a prototype of its eVTOL-type flying car, that is, an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle, … Read more

Gas: The potential of British juniors in Morocco highlighted by the Wall Street Journal

SDX Energy facilities in the Gharb. DAVID RODRIGUES / THE DESK The financial news bible highlights the growing interest of British juniors currently with plans to develop Morocco’s gas wealth: London-listed companies SDX Energy, Sound Energy, Chariot Ltd and Predator Oil & Gas Holdings As its domestic demand for gas increases, Morocco aims to increase … Read more

9 Scandal of British PM Boris Johnson and his Officials: Party Alcohol in the Office to Break Lockdown All

LONDON, – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is getting a sharp spotlight, as a result of parties reportedly being held while the country is under lockdown. Official investigations are tracing at least seven occasions in 2020 when Boris Johnson and his Downing Street staff were accused of partying in violation of the rules. lockdown … Read more

British government apologizes to Queen Elizabeth II for binge drinking at Prince Philip’s funeral

LONDON, – The British government on Friday (14/1/2022) apologized to Queen Elizabeth II, after it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s staff Boris Johnson breaking corona virus restrictions by partying at night Prince Philip’s funeral. “It is regrettable that this happened during a day of national mourning and Number 10 (Downing Street) has apologized … Read more

The British promise a revolution in Europe: find a way to extract one of the most precious metals from the simplest rocks

Lithium is not limited to those distant countries. Smaller amounts of it are also found in Europe, but it is often not possible to extract this lithium economically. But British Lithium intends to change that. British Lithium is developing plans to extract lithium from Cornwall granite. Of course, this is not easy. The process itself … Read more

The British tabloid has provided “evidence” of alleged damage to the vaccines

A video of the current UK publication The Cheltenham Post is being distributed on social media. A female voice behind the frame says she has just bought a newspaper at the food and other goods retail chain Tesco. Recurrent liars The newspaper publication presents several manipulations. The large-scale COVID-19 vaccine trials will only be completed … Read more

Last minute… The game-changing Omicron claim from the British expert! / FOREIGN NEWS January 11, 2022 14:44 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont To provide the best protection against Omicron, many countries have made a third dose decision. While the experts, who stated that this is the best protection method, still underline that it does not provide one hundred percent protection, a very interesting news came from England. … Read more

Falklands-Malvinas, the tension between the United Kingdom and Argentina returns: on the British warships of 1982 there were 31 nuclear weapons

the Falklands on the one hand, the Malvinas on the other. They are the same but to separate them there is a Ocean. 40 years after the war between the British and Argentine armies London e Buenos Aires tension is back on the islands of the South Atlantic, disputed by United Kingdom e Argentina. Just … Read more