What has my father sued Britney Spears for?

In a lawsuit filed on June 16, Alex Weingarten’s lawyer, Jamie Spears, writes that Britney “continues to publish messages containing provocative statements on social media”. He demands that the singer appear in court and testify before the jury. Jamie Spears’ lawyer is asking Britney to answer for her words that her father has deprived her … Read more

Guardiola is waiting for Britney Spears in Man City, and the reason is Iranian!!

It seems that Spanish coach Pep Guardiola has not only contracted with Norwegian Erling Haaland, nor will his contracts be limited to players, as the season’s deal for City will be “technical” with distinction, with star Britney Spears turning into a Manchester City fan thanks to her husband Sam Asgari. A source from within the … Read more

Britney Spears’ mother comments on her daughter’s wedding, which was not invited

Spears did not invite his mother, father or sister Jamie Linen to the wedding, Brother Brian was invited but did not attend the ceremony. The sons of the pop princess were not among the guests either. The boys are happy about their mother, a lawyer for the children’s father Kevin Federline told the press on … Read more

Britney Spears disappears from Instagram and quits her security team

Without warning, Britney Spears’ page disappeared from the social networking site Instagram, without knowing if the star had closed it or if the site’s management had done so. When searching for the name of the star on the site, its audience only finds the word that the page being searched for does not exist. And … Read more

Britney Spears changes security because of the antics of the former

The ex-husband of Britney Spears broke into her wedding with a knife. Jason Alexander, with whom Britney Spears was married for just over two days, broke into the house where her wedding took place, with a knife and a camera, trying to find the singer. After an incident that thankfully didn’t cause any casualties, the … Read more

Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari buy million dollar property after marriage

Honeymoon at home! Britney Spears (40) and Sam Ashgari (28) bought a mega villa after their dream wedding. The Calabas, California property is not only near the house where she has lived and celebrated her wedding since 2015, but also the home of her ex-husband Kevin Fedeline (44), who has custody of their two sons … Read more

Paris Hilton turned down the most powerful American because of Britney Spears

The businesswoman stated that she was invited to entertain top officials. Paris Hilton turned down US President Joe Biden’s proposal for Britney Spears’ wedding. “Actually, I was asked to be the DJ for the president and other presidents from all over the world for a dinner. But Brtini’s wedding was more important to me,” Hilton … Read more

Britney Spears walked up the aisle alone – VG

SA YES: Pop star Britney Spears (40) and actress Sam Asghari (28) got married on Friday in California. Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP Pop-up Britney Spears describes the wedding with actress Sam Asghari as a dream, despite some difficulties before Friday’s ceremony. Published: Updated yesterday 06:45 – Wow !!! Glory !!! We did it !!! We got … Read more

How Britney Spears’ ex-husband tried to spoil her wedding to Sam Younger

06:16 PM Friday 10 June 2022 Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi: American pop star Britney Spears married her fiance, fitness trainer and Iranian-born actor Sam Asgari, after their engagement in September of 2021. The wedding took place on Thursday at a party in California that was restricted to close friends. In an attempt to spoil … Read more

Britney Spears wants to get married, her ex invites herself to the ceremony

The 40-year-old singer and her fiancé Sam Asghari, 28, were in the middle of preparations when the intruder showed up at their luxurious villa, specify publications specializing in entertainment and celebrities, such as Variety or TMZ. Jason Alexander, childhood friend of Britney Spears to whom the star was very briefly married in 2004 (for 55 … Read more