7 new channels are now broadcasting absolutely free in Poland! How to receive them on the TV?

From the Astra 4A satellite, a transmission with Ukrainian channels was suddenly launched in the FTA formula. 7 stations are now broadcasting for free in Multistream mode – this is an experiment, but nonetheless free-to-air programs can also be received and watched in Poland! How? What are these items? Satellite TV and free, free-to-air programs … Read more

– Stops many girls’ dreams – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– It becomes almost excessively symbolic when the only colored player enters in the 119th minute to save time, says NRK’s ​​sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt. The English lionesses secured a historic one EM-gull after a dramatic final against Germany on Sunday. But it is not just words of praise that fall to the new … Read more

– The coach seems to have locked himself in – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– She might be able to start. But those who have started the campaigns so far have done very well. We will see in the next few days, said England’s national team manager Sarina Wiegman at the press conference afterwards The 4-0 win over Sweden on Tuesday evening. SMALL OPENING: National team manager Sarina Wiegman … Read more

Canal+ Sport will start broadcasting next week. How to tune it and what will it broadcast?

From August 4, 2022, the new Czech-Slovak paid sports channel Canal+ Sport will appear on the air. It will be seen by clients of the Skylink satellite operator and the freeSAT platform. Skylink Live TV subscribers can also turn it on. Negotiations with other operators on the market are still not concluded, possible agreements may … Read more

Went from Nordkapp to Lindesnes in ten days – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I’m quite tired now, yes. That’s what Ramsfjell told NRK on Tuesday afternoon after walking the length of Norway. He thus entered the history books as the fastest of all time from Nordkapp to Lindenes – on roller skis. Brutal stage Ramsfjell’s goal was to reach Lindesnes within 13 days, but towards the end … Read more

[미리보는 KOBA 2011] Click Electronic Information System, ‘Full HD Digital Broadcasting System’

Click Electronic Information System (CEO Song Young-woo, www.clickeni.co.kr), a manufacturer of broadcasting equipment, will be hosting the ’21st International Broadcasting, Audio and Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2011) held at COEX in Samseong-dong for 4 days from June 14 to 17. )’ and introduces ‘Full HD Digital Broadcasting System’. Full HD Digital Broadcasting System is an … Read more

Stanway sent England to heaven after a dream goal – ready for the semi-finals – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I think it’s a free kick for (Irene) Paredes. I don’t know why VAR didn’t take it, says Olga Carmona to NRK. She broke down in tears when the referee blew the whistle after 120 minutes of play at the arena in Brighton. But when the referee awarded a goal to England in the … Read more

According to the Broadcasting Council, Prima Television violated the law by reporting on the dispute with O2 TV

Author: TV Prima The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting warned Prima TV of breaking the law due to biased and unbalanced reporting on the business dispute with O2 TV. The office announced its position in a press release. On February 2, 2022, Prima TV aired a report entitled Klienti O2 bez Prima programs in … Read more

Jiyeon-soo of ‘False Broadcasting Suspicion’ “I want to make money quickly, I decided to start a business after divorce from Eli” (‘Capitalism School’) : ZUM News

[텐아시아=태유나 기자] ‘Capitalism School’/Photo Credit=KBS Ji Ji-soo, who was the first supporter of the KBS2 variety show ‘Capitalist Restaurant’, hopes to open a Korean restaurant. ‘Capitalism School’ is an entertainment program that contains realistic economic studies of today’s children from teenagers to the MZ generation. ‘After-school Capitalism School’, an economics class for teenagers, ‘Bull Moth … Read more

[KOBA 2011] Road Technology, portable broadcasting monitor ‘XMD-9900’

Road Technology (CEO Jeong Ha-young, www.road.or.kr) participated in ‘The 21st International Broadcasting, Audio, and Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2011)’ held at COEX, Samseong-dong for 4 days from June 14 to 17, and monitors for broadcasting ‘XMD-9900’ was exhibited. XMD-9900 is a broadcast monitor that can be carried in the field, and it has no scaling … Read more