This word can decide Bolshunov’s fate – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– They were military yesterday, but can say they won’t be tomorrow. We need clarity. The reaction of the Estonian biathlete Johanna Talihärm came during a press conference with a number of athletes, in which NRK participated. The athletes’ press conference came as a response to the IOC opening up a return to international sport … Read more

Expert slaughters Russian stars – now several players escape from the country – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

After the outbreak of war last year, a number of Russian chess players chose not to return to their homeland. Nor did they want to compete under Russia’s flag. Now a new avalanche of Russian players has started who are leaving Russia. It happens after the Russian Chess Federation announced in February a transition from … Read more

Divergent (2014) – TV broadcasting and platforms

Résumé In a post-apocalyptic Chicago, the population is separated into five distinct parts: the Sincere, the Erudite, the Fraternal, the Audacious and the Altruistic. At 16, Beatrice, who spent her childhood with the Altruists, must choose her clan by passing aptitude tests. But, extremely rare, they are not conclusive. She has predispositions for three of … Read more

“Misunderstanding of ‘secondary harm’ by the broadcasting deliberation committee member”

[미디어스=고성욱 기자] A member of the Korea Communications Standards Commission said in a home shopping deliberation that mentioned the late comedian, “I can’t guess who it is” and “There are concerns that legal sanctions may cause secondary harm.” Criticism comes out that the ‘secondary harm’ is misunderstood over this. On the 14th, the Advertising Deliberation … Read more

– Next time it hits – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I’m flying cursed now. We should have taken something with us from this match, says a disappointed Stefan Strandberg to NRK after the 0-3 loss against Spain in the first match of the European Championship qualifiers. The centre-back believes Norway lost the game in both boxes. And he is tired of it being like … Read more

The dates of the series “Smile, General” and the channels broadcasting Ramadan 2023

In order to complete the clarification for you of the map of the dates of the Ramadan series, we provide you with a follow-up to the dates of the series, Smile, General, and the replay. After showing the first episodes, many tweeters on social networking pages engaged in talking about the series through their tweets … Read more

“PSYCHO-PASS psychopath” TV series rebroadcast & terrestrial broadcasting of theatrical version decided! Tomokazu Seki, Kana Hanazawa, Kenji Nojima among others for the event “PSYCHO-FES” | Anime! animation!

“Theatrical version PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE” will be released nationwide from May 12, 2023. This time, along with the release of the first batch of visitor benefits, the performers of “PSYCHO-FES 10th ANNIVERSARY” and the TV series rebroadcast and theatrical version have been announced. “Theatrical version PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass PROVIDENCE” Key Visual (C) Psycho-Pass Production Committee “PSYCHO-PASS” is … Read more

The dates of the presentation of the Canto Market series in Ramadan.. Look at the broadcasting channels

The Kanto Market series is shown exclusively on the DMC channel at exactly 9 pm every night with the star Mai Ezz El Din and the star Amir Karara, while the replay comes at 2:00 am and the second at 1:00 pm. Go to the section 1. Kanto market series It tells the events of … Read more

– Arsenal are very proud of him – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– There is a lot that speaks for Ødegaard being named the season’s best Premier League player. Erling Haaland will clearly also be in the discussion due to his incredible goal statistics, but no one has done more for his team than Ødegaard has for Arsenal. The rock-solid testimonial comes from Charles Watts, who is … Read more

The date of the presentation of Tash Ma Tash, episode 2, with Nasser Al-Qasabi, and the channels broadcasting the correct frequencies

The Tash Ma Tash series is one of the very wonderful Gulf series, and it has gained great fame since it was shown, but this series stopped showing for a long period of time, it lasted for 12 years, but it returned again to compete in the 2023 Ramadan race, and there was great competition … Read more