“They brutally violated my childhood, and their arms were aching for my skinny body” … shocking statements from Wafaa Salem about the reasons for her retirement from acting | news

Actress Wafaa Salem revealed the reasons for her sudden retirement from acting. Wafaa Salem spoke in a video on her YouTube channel about her pains that began since childhood, when she was young and hated the world of adults, sitting under the dining table, and refusing to be embraced or accepted by her family members. … Read more

Comments on: VIDEO: The driver brutally and systematically violates the rules, people are outraged by the indifference of the police!

The indignation is more caused by the way they clean the roads and thus trap pensioners and old people, especially in rural areas. Old, infirm people are not capable of cleaning the embankments pushed by tractors. Such cleaners should be given a shovel and to clean every pushed knee, there is no visible humanity left … Read more

Australia – Brutally killed: – A pure execution

On Monday, Australian police moved to a remote house in Wieambilla four hours north of Brisbane in Australia. Police officers Matthew Arnold (29), Rachel McCrow (26), Keely Brough (28) and Randall Kirk (28) were asked to investigate the property in connection with a missing persons case. But what was supposed to be an ordinary mission … Read more

Seconds of Police Officers in Papua ‘Ignore’ Women Who Are Brutally Abused by Men

Jayawijaya – Police officer in Jayawijaya, Papua Mountains, Iptu YW was arrested by the Papua Regional Police Propam after ignoring women who were brutally abused in front of his eyes. Inspector YW’s attitude went viral. The abuse took place at the delivery service office, Jalan Gatot Subroto Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Mountains. The moments the … Read more

The children are too noisy…Single mother was brutally beaten by “neighbors and family members” with concussion and horror pictures went viral | International | CTWANT

A single mother in Henan, mainland China, was beaten by a family of four downstairs neighbors. The reason for the incident was that the downstairs neighbors thought the upstairs children were too noisy. The single mother has already called the police and went to the hospital for examination. The case is currently being processed. comprehensiveLu … Read more

Students brutally killed: – The father breaks his silence

A brutal mass murder of students at the University of Idaho shakes the United States. On December 13, the four students Kaylee Goncalves (21), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20) and Ethan Chapin (20) were found dead in their beds in the student apartment they lived in. The father of murdered Kaylee Goncalves tells the … Read more

This is not how the president behaves. Eto’o brutally kicked a YouTuber with his knee at the WC

The former outstanding gunner Samuel Eto’o took on an Algerian YouTuber at the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o scored over 300 goals during his brilliant career for Barcelona, ​​Inter and other European clubs, but at the current World Cup he used his famous right foot for a much less commendable activity. After Monday’s … Read more

Latest horror in Tehran. “Brutally raped women and men in jail”

Iran plunges into a climate of extreme fear, repression intensifies and is increasingly violent. But in this heroic revolt the women do not want to give in. The slogan “Women, life, freedom” resonates in the squares and streets. They are called “loose women”, “pawns” in a conspiracy hatched by Western governments. But they don’t stop … Read more