Sales Reach 1,511 Units, Best Selling Model Not BR-V

Jakarta – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) can sell thousands of units at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow exhibition. This Japanese manufacturer recorded sales of 1,511 units during the period 11-21 November 2021. PT HPM’s Business Innovation and Sales Marketing Director Yusak Billy said the sales were still contributed from the government-borne luxury goods sales … Read more

Used Honda BR-V Starts at IDR 140 Million, All New BR-V Skip First

Kyn/Doc. AUTOMOTIVE Illustrations Honda BR-V Prestige – Honda BR-V used versions are still sought after by Indonesian consumers, because the market price starts from Rp. 140 million. Whereas PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) recently launched the All New Honda BR-V the result of the development of the Honda N7X. All New Honda BR-V is … Read more

Photo Gallery of All New Honda BR-V, Complete with the Latest Features – PT Honda Prospect Motor introduces the All New Honda BR-V second generation for the first time in the world. Well… for those of you who are curious to see the figure of the All New BR-V, you can directly visit the Honda Dreams Café which is located in the Senayan area of ​​Jakarta … Read more

Honda Introduces BR-V, New 7-Seat City-based SUV

While HR-V already has a new generation, Honda introduced the new BR-V, a model that completely evolved, abandoning the minivan lines, to become an SUV. With space for seven passengers, it is expected to debut in 2022, with a design quite similar to the concept N7X, recently revealed by the brand. The presentation took place … Read more

Surprising mediocre people, is this the highest price for the new Honda BR-V?

VIVA – Segment Sport Utility Vehicle, or low-end SUVs are one of the biggest contributors to sales car nationally. Almost all giant producers in Indonesia have this type of product. One of them is PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) with the BR-V. Considering the demand for it has fallen sharply compared to 2016, or at … Read more

Prices of Honda HR-V and BR-V Cars Drop Again, Here’s the List

Jakarta – The price of the cars receiving the PPnBM discount has decreased again. You see, the government has officially extended the 100% PPnBM discount. The 0% PPnBM extension policy is stated in the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 120/PMK.010/21 concerning the Second Amendment to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 31/PMK.010/21 concerning … Read more

Rush and Terios Alert, Honda Gives Launch Code N7X Allegedly Strong BR-V Facelift – PT Honda Propect Motor (HPM) is ready to launch its new car on Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 14.00 WIB. Info on the launch of this new Honda car, known through an invitation received by the editorial team (17/9/2021). The launch of Honda’s new car in Indonesia is said to be the first in … Read more

The price of a used 2018 Honda BR-V, cheaper than the new Honda Brio Satya, which one to choose? – Price Honda BR-V used in 2018 there are 5 types, the cheapest is only at this price. Honda BR-V feels worthy of being used as a family car with a passenger capacity of 7 people. In addition, the Honda BR-V also has a fairly wide luggage or storage space. Honda BR-V It is … Read more

New Honda BR-V Leaks Appear

VIVA – Honda recently introduced car concept, which was named the Honda N7X. This vehicle is claimed to be a combination of multi purpose vehicle or MPV, by vehicle sport utility vehicle or SUV. Business Innovation and Marketing concurrently Sales Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Yusak Billy said that there was a role for … Read more