Safe! This KTP holder is on the list of 2 million BSU recipients Stage 5 – 6 Get BLT without BPJS Employment Check

DIY NEWS – Congratulations, owner KTP This is in list recipient BSU stage 5 and December 6, 2021, get BLT Salary Subsidy no need to check link BPJS of Employment. Based on data Ministry of Manpower, BLT Salary Subsidy which is liquid to the proposed worker BPJS of Employment reach 2 million quota BSU in … Read more

BSU November Liquidity Doesn’t Have to Go to the Bank, Monitor BLT Salary Subsidy on BPJS Employment Web Using KTP and HP

DIY NEWS – Check out the info BSU month November who will fall However employee no need to go to the bank and how check BLT Salary Subsidy from link BPJS of Employment just use KTP and HP. BSU Reportedly still able fall month November until December 2021 following 6.9 million people confirmed to receive … Read more

Check NIK at BPJSTKU or, BSU recipients are added 1.6 million

ILLUSTRATION. Check NIK at BPJSTKU or, BSU recipients are added 1.6 million Source: | Editor: Adi Wikanto KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Check your population identification number (NIK) in the BPJSTKU application, or to check the recipients of the wage subsidy (BSU) / salary subsidy. The government increases the number of recipients of … Read more

When checking BSU at these three statuses appear, what do they mean?

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The government plans to expand the wage subsidy assistance program (BSU) to be expanded. This news is good news for those of you who have not received assistance from the government. One of the reasons why the BSU program was expanded was the remaining Rp 1.7 trillion in the BSU budget. Later, … Read more

BLT Salary Subsidy Phase 5 Disbursed This Month, Check Out BSU Pass Signs of IDR 1 Million and Check Beneficiary Link Here

DIY NEWS – BLT Salary Subsidy Stage 5 liquid this month, watch the signs pass BSU IDR 1 million as well as check link the following recipients. As description Ministry of Manpower, BSU Salary Subsidy Stage 5 will be distributed this month, October 2021. While defrosting BLT levels 1 to 4 have already been done … Read more

Go to, How to Check Wage Subsidy Assistance of IDR 1 Million

For information, checking can be done through the official website of the Ministry of Manpower. Here are the steps. 1. Visit the page 2. If you don’t have an account, please register for an account first. Then activate the account using the OTP code that will be sent to the mobile number. 3. If … Read more

Sorry, 2.8 Million BSU Employment Recipients Excluded for These 3 Causes! Check Your Name in 3 Salary Subsidy Links

DIY NEWS – Ministry of Manpower noted, 2.8 million recipients BSU dropped for 3 reasons. Check your name on 3 link BLT Salary Subsidy that is prepared BPJS of Employment. Based on data Ministry of Manpower, BPJS of Employment proposes 7.74 million workers can BSU stages 1 to 4. But the fact is not all … Read more