WhatsApp is a trap for your devices: a bug that kills a smartphone has been found – City portal Sochi | Sochi24.tv

It turns out that the most popular instant messenger in the world, WhatsApp, is not as secure as many people think. A group of users have discovered a nasty feature that is certainly a cause for concern. A link sent to a WhatsApp user can cause serious damage to their device. This is reported by … Read more

watchOS 9.5.1 Update Released: Improvements, Bug Fixes for Apple Watch

Although, Apple is about to hold the WWDC 2023 Global Developers Conference in the early morning of June 6 next week. At that time, it is expected that in addition to the possible debut of the head-mounted display Reality Pro hardware products, it will also release a major update of the Apple Watch watchOS 10 … Read more

Windows 11 and 10, a bug affects the start menu, the search and the launch of UWP applications

Windows 10 and Windows 11 de Microsoft A problem affects Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Whether we are talking about Windows 11 or Windows 10, it has been known for several months. The software giant has just updated an issue with Windows that has been known since January 2023. It can affect the Start menu, Windows … Read more

PC players crush console players in Ubisoft’s game. The bug enables cross-play

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> The option of cross-platform struggle is already possible in many productions, however, Rainbow Six Siege remains one of the few titles in which PC users will not compete with console players. At least until they exploit a bug and land on the wrong servers. PC Game Editor informs about a bug that literally destroys … Read more

It must all pass into other hands! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: The sports journalist, “Muhammad Al-Dawish,” believes that the Al-Nasr club’s fault is in the stadium and has nothing to do with Al-Hilal, indicating that the club should all be transferred to other hands – according to him -. “Al-Dawish” said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “I invite you to tell the … Read more

The 10 biggest bug disasters in gaming history: These games were just a disaster when they launched

In times of day-one patches and digital stores, only a few game developers care about pressing a finished version of their titles onto the disc. But even the purely virtual releases are often full of errors. In the recent past alone, Wild Hearts, Redfall, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Dead Space Remake, and The Callisto Protocol … Read more

iOS 16.4.1 calendar app ‘Siri’ bug… Unable to set 31-day event

Foreign media reported on the 3rd (local time) that a bug in Apple’s latest ▲iOS 16.4.1 ▲iPadOS 16.4.1 version could not create a calendar event on the ’31st’ date using the voice assistant service Siri. time) reported. The bug came through a blind man named Gail. She can’t see her, so she uses Siri to … Read more

Respawn explained the bug that the sound effects of “Apex Heroes” disappeared for a whole season, all because of a problem with the new gun of “The Enemy” | 4Gamers

With the coming of the 17th season “Arsenal”, the 16th “Carnival” of “Apex Legends” (Apex Legends) is coming to an end, and Respawn has finally found and solved the bug that has plagued players for almost a whole season. The reason is the new gun, “Red Enemy”, which was launched in the current season. Of … Read more

Bug causes strange privacy statement for Windows Enterprise and Education users

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