non-existent properties and three billion in false tax credits – Il Tempo

Alessio Buzzelli March 23, 2023 Over 3 billion euros in false tax credits seized, the result of fictitious building bonus requests for properties in non-existent Italian municipalities forwarded using a dense network of nominees, including homeless people and deceased people. This is the balance sheet of the record double seizure carried out yesterday between Campania … Read more

RNA building block discovered on asteroid Ryugu

The discovery supports the idea that important building blocks for life are created in space and may have been deposited on Earth by space rocks. During an analysis of material from asteroid Ryugu, scientists came across uracil, among other things. A special discovery. Uracil is a building block of ribonucleic acid, better known as RNA: … Read more

When renovating an apartment building, do not forget to take care of proper ventilation of the building

“Every year, we conduct such audits in order to find out whether all the applied measures are effective and of high quality – for us, it is important not only to take care of the renovation of the houses, but also to make sure that everything in them is good after the work done. This … Read more

Lotta’s house began to sink – the building could not withstand the drought

Drought leads to falling groundwater levels – and this can have major consequences. The soil’s bearing capacity deteriorates, and if you are unlucky, it leads to houses starting to sink. For Charlotta Gill, who lives in Grödinge, the settlement under the house has created several problems. The roof is leaking, cracks are forming in the … Read more

Credit assignment and building bonus invoice discount: communication of the option and deadline of March 31, 2023 – Fiscal Focus

The deadline of next March 31st should be the definitive deadline for communicating to the Revenue Agency, pursuant to art. 121 of Legislative Decree no. 34/2020, the option for the transfer of credit or for the discount on the invoice following the building interventions carried out. It is a passage…

Brussels: major fire in a building

Emergency services were called around 8:50 p.m. for a fire in a five-story building. When they arrived, the fire was raging in the stairwell between the basement and the ground floor. HEight residents had to be evacuated from their building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels after a fire broke out there on Monday evening. … Read more

Index – Culture – For now, no office building is being built on the site of the monument, the government office has stopped the demolition

The Government Office in the capital stopped the XIII. the demolition of the central building of the once European-famous Modiano cigarette paper and sleeve manufacturing paper factory. The announcement published on March 10 states that Váci út 48/E–F. started to demolish the property under “unprofessional and unauthorized construction activities”, so the construction supervision authorities prohibited … Read more

Volkswagen has created a new car brand and is building a new factory | Business writes that the first electric Scouts will appear in 2026. and will cost from 40 thousand. US dollars. The plant will produce family SUVs and electric pickup trucks. The start of production is scheduled for 2026. The company Scout Motors was created last year. This is how the Volkswagen concern wants to strengthen its … Read more

The unique thing with an engine from a fighter still fascinates and scares

The car was created in 1966 as a purely mobile chassis without a body. Paul Jameson, a British designer, enthusiast and also a bit of a dreamer, was responsible for the construction. It was an interesting puzzle at the time – the front axle was provided by the now defunct Wolseley car manufacturer, the rear … Read more

The Literary Society, the beautiful listed building on the Place de la République française, is finally restored after 30 years of work

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