Lonza is building for half a billion – “Investment makes sense for Lonza” – News

The pharmaceutical supplier Lonza is investing half a billion francs in Switzerland. A large commercial filling and packaging plant for medicines is to be built at the Stein AG site. 400 new jobs are created. The new, flexible facility will be built on the same site as the current clinical drug facility, Lonza said. The … Read more

The Grace will be the tallest building in The Hague, space for 1400 homes

Municipality of The Hague/Mecanoo In cooperation with Broadcasting West NOS News•Thursday, 22:40 The city council in The Hague has approved the construction of the new tallest building in the city. More than 1,400 rental homes will be built in the The Grace complex. The Grace consists of two towers, one over 150 meters high and … Read more

The Prime Minister of Latvia visits the MN Capitol and calls for building relations with Russia

Latvian Prime Minister Arturs Krišānis Karičs, during his visit to the Minnesota State Capitol on Wednesday, urged continued support for the United States and other countries to protect against additional attacks from Russia. “It’s important that the world becomes more dangerous in some ways because we’re getting closer than ever before,” Krishan Karish said at … Read more

Mass Demonstration at the DPRD Building, Demands Timika to be the Capital of the Province of Central Papua

TIMIKAKOMPAS.Com – A group of masses rallied at the Mimika DPRD office, Papua demanding that the DPR RI ratify the provincial capital Central Papua from Timikaon Thursday (30/6/2022). The Working Committee (Panja) of the Draft Law (RUU) on the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua and the government previously agreed on Nabire as the capital … Read more

attackers on the run, but witnesses appear

TRIESTE – The stain was cleaned up almost immediately but the day after yet another serious episode in the news, the asphalt absorbed that “liter and a half of blood” lost by the victim, making it halfway between the visible and the evanescent. The forty-year-old of Kosovar origin (SM, born in 1982) attacked and stabbed … Read more

Poles can get by without a permit to build family houses

The Polish government is preparing an amendment to the law, which is to allow the construction of single-family houses of any size without a building permit from next year. “The need to anchor and have one’s own home is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, let’s make it clear that the goal of the … Read more

The University buys another building in the center on the day it reopens the Piave in Frankie Hi Nrg

On the night in which the University opens the Piave barracks to citizens with a very special event, the news arrives that it is preparing to buy, an investment of 22 million euros, the building on the corner of via VIII febbraio and via del Municipio where there are the offices of the Banca Monte … Read more

SpaceX is now building the Starship launch tower at Cape Canaveral

Remember Mechazilla, that tall launch tower at SpaceX Starbase in Texas to be stacked starships and spent «catch» super heavy reinforcement? SpaceX began building an identical launch tower at Cape Canaveral in Florida, where starships will also be released soon. This tower is taking shape in conjunction with SpaceX’s Launch Complex-39A (LC-39A) facility at NASA’s … Read more

Students surround the DPR building today, the police go to security

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Police officers are involved in securing the planned student demonstration on the RKUHP which will be held in front of the DPR Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/6). However, the Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Komarudin has not disclosed how many personnel were deployed to secure the demonstration. “We will deploy personnel … Read more

YIT puts into operation the first building of Silva House :: Dienas Bizness

The construction company and real estate developer “YIT LATVIJA” puts into operation the first building of the four-building complex “Silvas nami” on Dzelzavas Street, Riga, next to Biķernieku Forest. The apartments in it have already been sold out, and almost all the apartments in the second building have been sold out or reserved. However, the … Read more